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For those who live in two homes during the year it can be a challenge to have one cohesive healthcare plan, especially if they have special healthcare needs. Here are some tips for living in two different homes every year and keeping one healthcare plan together.How Can a Snowbird Handle Their Healthcare

Living in Areas with Different Levels of Available Care

It can be difficult to live in two separate places especially if you are someone that needs to frequently check in with their healthcare provider. And in some places, healthcare can be very different than you are used to in the place you have lived for most of your time. For example, you could live in a city that healthcare is at the forefront of focus and there are several great leading medical centers in your city, and then live in another location that may be more remote where leading-edge healthcare could be less accessible.

If you plan to Snowbird to another location that may not have as many readily available medical centers, looking for a home within a community that is geared toward people that live a Snowbird lifestyle might be a good option. Communities centered on a snowbird lifestyle will often have easily accessible medical services or offer assistance to get you to area medical centers. An added bonus to living in a community like this is they often provide social activities and community amenities to improve the quality of life within the community and keep those who live in two areas during the year entertained.

Insurance Considerations

When setting up life for a temporary amount of time in a new location, and you plan to visit a new medical facility, you want to make sure that your insurance is on board with that. Some insurance plans will not cover seeing a new doctor, and some medical centers in the area you plan to live in as a second location may not accept your current insurance. It is a smart idea to check into the medical care available in an area that you will need to utilize and check in with them to see if they will accept your current insurance. A common complaint among snowbirds when it comes to insurance policies is that terms are confusing or unclear as to what care is covered outside of their home base, or the primary location that the insurance originated in. Some snowbirds find themselves in a situation of long phone calls to receive information in a remote location or having to wait longer for needed prescriptions because they need to obtain permission for coverage when away from “home.”

Make sure you communicate with insurance about what it would look like to live in two locations before making the move. They can help you navigate what this might look like for a specific location.

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Be Prepared for the Unexpected or Possible Need of Constant Care

No one’s tomorrow is guaranteed, no matter your age. Anyone at any time could come into a health emergency where they need constant long-term care that can cause a shift in their ability to be able to move from one place to another. For example, if a snowbird has a massive stroke and will require the constant supervision of their long-term primary care provider. This can cause a snowbird to shift from living in two places to staying put in one place for a while. It is a good idea to make a plan of which location you want this to be, should it ever happen to you.

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