11 September 2018
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11 September 2018,

There are some advantages to buying a resale home. Should you buy a resale?  It depends on your wants and needs if should-you-buy-a resale.

Advantages of Resales

Investment in upgrades. Many sellers have added amenities, such as window coverings, flooring updates, pools, decks, landscape, to make the look of their home more upscale.   This means buyers won’t have to spend extra money on these items. New homes, on the other hand, often require buyers to pay for upgrades to landscape the backyard, have tile thru out and add window treatments, which can give them sticker shock. The models look amazing but they have $75,000 in upgrades.

Better lifestyle options. Many resale homes are i the heart of town.  They are closer to schools, shopping, restaurants. New construction usually takes place on the outskirts of town where land is less expensive.

Individual charm. Older properties usually have character that is lacking in new builds.  Many resale homes have historical features   Mature trees and larger lots that offer more privacy. Design features have been added by previous owner.

This may help you decide if should-you-buy-a resale.

Disadvantages of resales

No customization options. Buyers may have to compromise more on a resale home.  The home is coming as is you cannot pick all  your finishes.

Difficulty retrofitting green features. Demand for energy efficient homes is growing quickly, and features such as energy-efficient appliances, HVAC and electrical systems, and windows are becoming standard buyer expectations.  So buyers who are looking for ways to lower their utility bills may find better options in newer communities.

Stale design. Some sellers won’t keep the style of their home current. Despite the best advice from their real estate professional, these sellers won’t remove dated carpeting or add fresh details such as new ceiling fixtures, kitchen backsplash, countertops, hardware, and bathtub glazing, Basically the home may be dated……this is not a problem for some people.

Those are some pros and cons for if should-you-buy-a resale.

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