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What Areas Make Up San Tan Valley?

San Tan Valley Arizona is a fairly newer community as compared to the areas around it. For some time, many of the people in the area thought that it was a smaller portion of the town of Queen Creek. And recently there have been many questions from area residents asking if they truly live in San Tan Valley or not.What Areas Make Up San Tan Valley?

The official San Tan Valley is an unincorporated area of Pinal County. The name for the area is thought to have been officially given because of its proximity to the San Tan Mountains by the original settlers to the area. In actuality, the name was voted upon in June 2009. There were several name options given on the ballot, 23 to be exact. The name San Tan Valley won out by leaps and bounds against the others. The name probably got to be on the ballot because of the surrounding name of the terrain, but it did not officially come from settlers in the area and the mountains themselves.

San Tan Valley is located just 15 minutes outside of downtown Phoenix and it’s just a short 40 minutes from the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. It’s just 11 miles south of the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport. The actual boundaries of the San Tan Valley are located outside of the town of Queen Creek to the south, east, and southeast. There’s a small portion of the San Tan Mountain Regional Park within the San Tan Valley boundaries.

There are three ZIP Codes considered to be within the San Tan Valley boundaries. There are also portions of Maricopa County within these boundaries in addition to the land in Pinal County. ZIP Codes in San Tan valley include 85140, 85142, and 85143. However, some of these zip codes are shared with the town of Queen Creek. It can be confusing for some residents as to what area they officially live in and what community services they have access to.

The Easiest Way to Determine if You Live in San Tan Valley or Queen Creek

With the confusion of many people believing that San Tan is just a portion of Queen Creek and some Queen Creek residents believing they were annexed into San Tan Valley it can be confusing as to whether you reside in Queen Creek or San Tan Valley.

There is a funny and simple way of finding out if you live within one of these shared zip codes and within what boundaries your home is actually located. Just simply look at your garbage cans. If your trash is picked up by the town of Queen Creek your home is within the town boundaries.

Does it Matter if I Know I Officially Live in San Tan Valley?

Will it make a huge difference if you are describing where you live to people you are just meeting? Probably not, but it is important to know within what boundaries your property officially lies. It helps you to know the services available to you as a resident of the area as well as where you can access help for certain official items should you need them.

A perk for an official resident of the San Tan Valley is that living within San Tan Valley is less expensive than being an official resident of Queen Creek or Florence both neighboring towns that are sometimes confused as part of San Tan Valley. The property taxes, rental taxes, public utilities, and sales taxes are all a bit higher in the neighboring towns of Queen Creek and Florence.

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