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What Is The VA Loan Timeline

When you are ready o buy a home, you are in for a big process. This should scare you away because you will have the help of a great Realtor who will assist you with every step. One of the main factors in purchasing a home is your home loan. This is a huge part of the process and your loan is determined based on your circumstances. If you are on active duty or a military veteran, you may qualify for a VA home loan. Oftentimes people shy away from a VA loan because they have heard rumors about the approval process is longer. This may not be necessarily true. The VA home loan process is its journey so let’s take a look at what the typical timeline for a VA loan would be.

What Is The VA Loan Timeline?

VA Loan Preapproval

To get a VA loan, you must first get started with your preapproval. This is the best way to get started before looking at any homes. To be pre-approved you must meet the basic needs that the lender requires of you. This usually is some kind of income verification and credit history. Pre-approval for a VA loan shows that you’re a prepared buyer.

The VA Appraisal

Once you are in the contract then you will need an appraisal for your VA loan approval. A VA loan must have a VA appraisal to get approved for the home purchase. Your VA lender will be responsible for scheduling this appraisal within the first couple of weeks of being under contract.


The results of your appraisal will determine the next step in your VA loan process. In some cases, a VA loan appraiser will approve the loan subject to repairs that the seller will have to make for the loan to close. This can push back the closing date or potentially cause it to fall through if the sellers are unwilling to do the repairs. There are options to ask for a price reduction or reconsideration of value, or the buyer can make up the appraisal difference in cash.


If all goes well then the VA loan will be ready for the underwriting process. This can change the closing date based on the documentation the underwriter needs and how quickly it gets processed.


Finally, you are ready to close. There is no way to predict an exact timeline for how long a purchase will take. This is why you want to work with an experienced agent and lender who can help you with a smooth process as you get to closing day.

In Conclusion

Whether you are planning to use a VA loan or not, you want to work with an experienced agent who has connections to a knowledgeable lender. If you’re looking to buy or sell. a home in Mesa, AZ, contact me. I would be happy to assist you with any of your real estate needs.

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