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There are three museums in the downtown Mesa area that are premiering brand new exhibits this month. Visitors to Mesa museums can experience ancient Arizona including dinosaurs, explore the world of robotics, or gaze into the beautiful work of Angel Cabrales.

These gems of Mesa are a great way for families to enjoy activities outside of the home in the summer while getting out of the sizzling Arizona summer heat. Visiting a museum and looking into the brand new exhibits is a great way to keep children entertained during the summer. It is a great way to engage the mind to keep them active and working. Mesa museums can be enjoyed by family members of all ages.

Great New Exhibits at Mesa Museums

Museum of Natural HistoryNew Exhibits at Mesa Museums

Visit the Museum of Natural History, and experience an exhibit that reimagines southern Arizona and northern Sonora and how it may have looked 75 million years ago as it teaches visitors about giant volcanoes that shaped the state of Arizona and dinosaurs that lived in the area. In addition to this fun new dinosaur exhibit, the other long-standing exhibits with bilingual exhibitions featuring anthropology and paleontology are also available. You can even discover how the museum’s scientists came across museum artifacts and how they help scientists to study the past and find clues of Arizona’s earliest origins.

In addition to the fun dinosaur exhibit visitors can also visit a village of ancestral Sonoran desert people and try their hand at gold panning which is a new favorite at the museum.

I.D.E.A Museum

I.D.E.A. museums Robo art exhibition allows kids of all ages to explore the design, engineering, and technology of many different kinds of robots. At this exhibit, visitors can build a 3-D robot, play coding games, and learn about a variety of different robots including the history of robotics and more. Experiences at this exhibit including the jungle-themed blacklight room, the cozy zen den, and the magnetic wall keep everyone very engaged and entertained and having fun at the museum. The HUB gallery has added a puppet theater, storybook floor game, and new art activity featuring fairytale characters which is an added extension of fun for everyone. This museum also includes Art Ville which is a colorful town featuring imaginative play activities focused around those age 4 and younger. This is an area where socks are required and shoes are asked to be removed.

Museums are not only adding fun and new things to their locations they are extending business hours during the summer for more opportunities to enjoy these fun new features.

As of July 1, the Museum of Natural History at 53 N. MacDonald will be open from 10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday and from noon to five on Sundays.

I.D.E.A. Museum at 150 W. Pepper Pl. will be open from 9 AM to 4 PM Tuesday through Saturday and from noon to four on Sundays.

Mesa Contemporary Art Museum

Mesa Contemporary Art Museum on 1 East Main St. is open from 10 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday and noon to five on Sundays. This museum is featuring works by sculptor and mixed media artist Angel Cabrales known for his provocative social commentaries on the Latin American experience. In addition to this featured exhibit is other great art pieces recognizing significant Latin American and Indigenous American pieces of art.

Admission Prices

  • The Arizona Museum of Natural History: $7 for kids age 3-12 and $13 for ages 13 and up.
  • I.D.E.A Museum: $9 for all museum visitors age 1 and above, infants are free.
  • Mesa Contemporary Art Museum is free to all visitors but reservations are highly recommended.

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