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If you are looking for fun outdoor activities in Mesa, AZ, then look no further. This is the best city for outdoor lovers. There is a wide variety of activities to enjoy with the mountains and lakes nearby.

6 Fun Outdoor Activities in Mesa Arizona6 Fun Outdoor Activities in Mesa Arizona

Mountain Biking

If you enjoy mountain biking then you will want to check out the Usery Mountain Regional Park. This park has about 20 miles of trails. You can even take a guide with you that will teach you all about the environment around you. This mountain biking trail is mostly easy and a lot of fun with beautiful scenery.

Kayak and Float

You can Kayak on the river in the Sonoran Desert. There are a lot of birds to enjoy that you wouldn’t see if you were hiking or biking, You can paddle along the Lower Salt River. Some areas require some expertise but it is overall an easy kayak experience.

Goat Yoga

A newer trend for enjoyment is Goat Yoga. If you are interested in Goat Yoga then you want to visit the Welcome Home Ranch. Goat yoga classes usually sell out quickly. Typically you will see over 100 people in these classes and goats all around as you work through yoga poses. You may have fun with a goat jumping up on your back.

Boat Ride

You may see some scenery of the Grand Canyon if you drive along the Apache Trail. Here you can enjoy a 90-minute boat ride on the Dolly Steamboat. There are dinner cruises to view the beauty of the night sky. You can also take a trip with Detour Tours, but you want to be first on board to get good seats.

Jeep Tour

You want to check out a tour with Stellar Adventures. You can ride in a hummer or a jeep up to Hummer Point. This is a great activity to view the gorgeous Arizona sunsets. Make sure you dress warm because the open-air drive can be dusty and cold. This is a Mesa, AZ favorite.


There are incredible hiking opportunities at Usery Mountain Regional Park. There is a return hike that takes you to Wind Cave and this is along the saguaro sudden trail. This can be a bit challenging because of the elevation gain and you have the option to continue even higher to see the amazing views of the valley. If you like birding then you will want to stop along the way because there are over 400 native bird species in this area.

In Conclusion

Mesa has so much to offer current residents or those that are looking to relocate. With so much to explore, why not make Mesa, AZ, your home? If you are looking to buy or sell real estate in Mesa, contact me. I would be happy to help you with any of your real estate needs.