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new developments in mesa

Mesa, AZ is the third largest city in Arizona. This area has undergone a lot of revitalization in the last couple of years and is still experiencing new developments. With the growing popularity of this area, it comes as no surprise there is a facelift happening in the downtown area. So, what are some new places to check out? Let’s take a look.

New Developments in Mesa, AZ

New Film School

Arizona State University has added a film school in downtown Mesa. This is known as the Sidney Poitier New American Film School. This addition has been a great business builder and has brought about co-working space as well as restaurants, bars, and entertainment.

Mesa Arts Center

The Mesa Arts Center has undergone a full transformation that has brought so much new entertainment to downtown Mesa. The Mesa arts center entertains through shows, classes, museum exhibitions, and events. The revitalization has truly brought new life.

Benedictine University-CO+HOOTS

Benedictine University added a beautiful co-working space that offers office space to rent monthly. There are amenities like phone booths, conference rooms, and designated offices. This is said to be a place for great networking and collaboration. This space is run by CO+HOOTS, which is a coworking company. CO+HOOTS offers you office space, meeting space, and event space for rent. All of this is done by opting for a specific membership cost that determines your type of office space. These memberships are done as yearly agreements.

Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies Inc

The Southwest Institute of Montessori Studies now has a location in Mesa, AZ. They are located on the second floor of the Association Montessori International building. There are going to be offering teacher training facilities and Montessori materials for students and adults to use in their studies and personal practices.

Level 1 Arcade Bar

Level 1 Arcade bar is going to be a fun and large 2-story building on Main Street. This is the place to go to if you are ready for a fun night of arcades, pinball, and some drinks. There is going to be a dance floor and plenty of beers on tap!

Copper City Spirits

Copper City Spirits are making its appearance in Mesa, AZ. It is owned and operated by the same owners as AZ Distilling Co.Copper City Spirits uses all locally sourced ingredients and is known for its award-winning spirits.

Sonoran Rows

Sonoran Rows is a craft malthouse. It is set to open later this year in historic downtown Mesa, AZ. This is going to be a malthouse restaurant and bar with a large indoor capacity and a patio too. They will be malting their barley which is going to be all Arizona grown. They will be selling their malt to local breweries and distilleries. The menu is crafted to be full of delicious items but the feature is the homemade malt.

In Conclusion

With all the excitement of revitalization and growth in Mesa, AZ now is the time to invest in real estate. For more information on buying or selling a home in Mesa, contact me. I would love to help you navigate the real estate process as you call Mesa your new home.

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