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Mesa is Niche’s #19 Best City to Retire in America Every year the website niche.com ranks several different aspects of places to live across America and compiles “best of” lists. Some of these lists include the best places to live, best places for families, best city to retire, etc. For the year of 2021, the town of Mesa Arizona comes in at number 19 on Niche’s list of best cities to retire. This is a very high ranking as they included 228 great cities across the country to retire to.Mesa is Niche's #19 Best City to Retire in America

Niche provides grades to each city it includes in its lists. The town of Mesa receives an A-minus overall Niche grade. Among the other great rankings that Mesa has received from this website are: # 50 on the list of cities with the best public schools in America and #95 as one of the best cities to live in America.

There are many great retirement communities all around Mesa and the surrounding Mesa area. There is much to choose from to suit any retirement lifestyle whether you want to live within a 55+ community centered around residents in their best years or would just like to purchase an affordable home near to a good amount of community activities and amenities.

Some of the best things people love about living in Mesa is it’s affordability, friendly neighbors, museums and art scene, hiking and outdoor opportunities, delicious restaurants including wonderful local eateries, and the gorgeous rivers that run through the area. Mesa is a place with many attractions and things to do as well as a beautiful landscape and amazing culture.

Some quick facts about the town of Mesa Arizona

  • Mesa is the third-largest city in the state of Arizona, it is located in Maricopa County. The city of Mesa offers a dense suburban feel with a population of about 499,720.
  • The medium home value in Mesa Arizona is $226,500 which is just above the national average of $217,500. Most of the residents of Mesa Arizona own their own homes.
  • There is a wonderfully diverse collection of ethnic and economic backgrounds among the residents of the town of Mesa. About 20% of the population of Mesa Arizona is aged 55 and higher.
  • The median household income of Mesa residents is $58,181 a year and the median individual income of those living on their own in Mesa is about $30,403 a year.

“Mesa, Arizona is an amazing city. It is the third largest city in the state. and is filled with museums, art work, hiking opportunities, and delicious food and drink. You may be in the middle of the desert, but Mesa even has two rivers!
Mesa has many attractions and provides many place’s to enjoy the beautiful landscapes and places to visit for culture.

I have been impressed by the new light rail that has provided easier travel for commuters as well as boosting the local business profits. It is considered to be a positive addition to the city of Mesa.
Welcomed By Sculpture On The Streets, You might just see Humpty Dumpty or a mama bear waiting on a Mesa street corner. But don’t worry that you’re starting to hallucinate from the sweltering Arizona heat—they’re part of the 38 sculptures in the city’s Growing Permanent Sculpture Collection. Bring a map and find all of them.”

We agree with Niche that Mesa is an amazing city and a very great place to settle into and retire and spend the best years of your life. For more information on retirement properties in Mesa Arizona and surrounding areas please contact me any time.

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