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From monthly mortgage bills, to homeownership costs, to property taxes, to general living expenses, utility bills, and more; we spend a ton of money on and for our homes. But what if you could get your home to make a little bit of money for you and ease some of those costs? It is possible to get your home to work for you and bring in a little extra income to offset those expenses of being a homeowner in Mesa.

Here are six examples of how you can make money work for you with your Mesa home:

Rent a room to TravelersClever Ways to Earn Extra Income with Your Mesa Home

Set aside a room in your home to make available for those passing through the area. Listing an empty room on a site like Airbnb, VRBO, or another vacation rental site can provide you with extra cash. It will also give you some flexibility. You can decide the dates that your home is available to others as well as choose parameters for staying in your home.

Make sure to choose a reputable vacation rental site such as Airbnb that vets its travelers and offers insurance to help protect homeowners.

Sell off Some Clutter

It is always good to clean out the clutter in your home no matter where you live or what stage of life you are in. Sometimes getting rid of that clutter can help make you a dollar or two. You can do this by holding a yard sale or by listing your items online. Just beware or you may become so addicted to it you end up selling more stuff than you intended to. It could be a good way to offset the cost of purchasing something new and updated for your home though.

Rent a Granny Pod in Your Yard

If you’re not comfortable with renting a room of your home to a stranger you could always purchase a small tiny home or convert a quality built backyard shed into a guest space that you could rent out as a vacation home. But before you get excited about the possibility of this adventure in creating a guest space in your backyard, you will want to check with the local zoning codes to ensure it is legal for your particular property.

Leasing your land

If you have a considerable amount of land on your property and you don’t want to pay the upfront cost for a small tiny home vacation house to be put on the property you could consider leasing a portion of your land for somebody else’s tiny home. You can list your land on a site like Try it Tiny and it could help make you some extra cash. Of course you will want to make sure this is all OK with your local zoning laws before you do so.

Store other People’s Belongings

Now that you’ve cleared out and sold off all of your own clutter you may have some extra space to help someone store some of their things for a while. Others might be willing to pay you for spaces like the attic, basement, a shed, or a portion of your garage to house some of their things that they do not have space for. There are websites that can help you to advertise you are willing to rent out this storage space like Store at My House. It can be a way to earn a few extra dollars without having to host anybody on your property.

Rent out Your Backyard Pool

Private pool use is being highly sought out right now. The site CNBC has reported that once the pandemic closed up public pools backyard swimming became highly sought after. Last summer a pool owner rented out his pool in Colorado and made $50,000 in one summer season.

There are many great ways you can make your Mesa Arizona home work better for you and cut your living expenses. Sometimes you might just find something that could almost completely cover the cost of your Mesa home.

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