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mulberry camp

Back in the 1960s the trend of camping out overnight for a buyer to select new home became quite common but now it has been several years since this has happened. However it looks as if this trend could be returning in certain areas which include Las Vegas and Phoenix.

Buyers camping out overnight to be first in line to purchase a new home is becoming increasingly popular in so-called Sunbelt areas such as Las Vegas and Phoenix. Buyers want to get the first and most desirable lots before prices begin to rise in particularly well located developments in Arizona.

It has been several years since this has been seen, thanks to the recent housing market crash and the lack of new homes. But now is becoming more likely that buyers will begin to see lines of RVs and cars as new housing developments open their doors for business. It’s also very good news for developers as a line-up tends to draw in more buyers. A real estate analyst in Metro Phoenix recently tracked a 12% increase in orders for new homes across this region.

Here in Mesa, Ariz., for example, more than a dozen buyers recently camped out for days to be one of the first to get to buy 30 houses in a new community called Mulberry, which had homes starting in the low $200,000s (the median price of a new home in the area is $300,000). Buyers said they were willing to camp out because they wanted to have a chance to get some of the best lots and be one of the first to snag a home in these communities before prices rose more.