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Apple Data Center

Plans for the Apple data center may not include local contractors.  Phoenix-area contractors are concerned they will get frozen out of work at Apple Inc.’s planned $2 billion “command center” in Mesa.  The previous plans for the building at Signal Butte and Elliot in Mesa have fallen flat.

Now, Apple is back with data center plans.

Local construction contractors and architects privately worry Apple won’t hire many local firms to work on the project and will rely on national and California contractors it has worked with before. Apple  has data centers in Oregon, North Carolina, California and Nevada.

That’s common among companies the size of Apple, said one Phoenix-area contractor who asked not to be identified. Local contractors and architects also worry if they talk publicly about the Apple project they will also not be considered for work. Apple requires suppliers, contractors and even public officials to agree to gag rules not to talk about their dealings with the company.

The state is crafting some new tax breaks for the Apple command center. The center is also inline for some existing property tax breaks and other incentives instituted for failed GTAT plant.

Apple officials did not respond to a request for comment.

What do you think?  The State is going out of its way to accommodate Apple.  It seems Apple could use local contractors. That seems fair. Tell me what you think.