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Gold Canyon ArizonaGold Canyon, AZ is located in Pinal County, founded in 1974, and it started as a place with no water, telephone wiring, or homes. Harold Christ admired the rustic feel of the area surrounding him and set out to offer its residents a rural feel, with many owning their own private homes today. Named after the nearby Gold Canyon Dinosaur Museum, the area offers a wide variety of both activities and attractions, including, art events, hiking, off-road trails,  museums and so much more. It is a desert wonderland, presenting many places and chances to explore and spend time in the beautiful outdoors. Continue to read to find out what to know, and consider about living in Gold Canyon, AZ.

1. The Population & Demographics of Gold Canyon

Gold Canyon, AZ is home to 11,404 residents. Each year that passes sees this community increasing, for example, between the years 2018 and 2019, the population expanded by 5.2% due to its reputation as an upscale area. Though the average age of its locals is 65 years old, the area fits young families and retirees alike. When looking at the number of genders and comparing, there seems to be an even breakdown with 52.4% being female and 47.6% being men. The median household income between the two is  $75,518.
Below is a demographic in Gold Canyon:

  • 89% White 
  • 1.4% African American 
  • 0.6% Native American 
  • 6% Hispanic 
  • 3% Biracial 

Gold Canyon, AZ is one of the safest neighborhoods despite its breathtaking beauty, sitting well below the national crime rate. Those living here are assured the violent crime rates are far below the state of Arizona and the U.S. rates. Because of the town’s size, there is not a police department designated for the area, but the Pinal County Sheriff’s Department protects its residents and surrounding land.

2. Living in Gold Canyon and the Cost of Living There

Gold Canyon, AZ is on the more expensive side when it comes to finding residential status in the town. 11% live over the national average for the cost of living. Wondering just how expensive it is to live in Gold Canyon, AZ? Check out the outline of some of the most common everyday expenses:

  • Inexpensive Restaurant Meal: $12.50 
  • Eggs: $2.42
  • Milk (1-gallon): $2.72
  • Bread (1 loaf): $2.70
  • The average cost of utilities (monthly): $126.91

If a family of four is considering relocating to this area, the EPI (Economic Policy Institute) recommends the average family makes $90,000 a year to live comfortably in Pinal County, AZ.
The median home listing price in Gold Canyon is $530,000 without an option to rent an apartment, there is the option to rent homes. The average rent of a home in Gold Canyon is between $1,750 and $4,000 per month, depending of course on the size.

3. Where to Live in Gold Canyon, Some Great Neighborhoods

There are plenty of wonderful neighborhoods in Gold Canyon, AZ where any resident or newcomer is safe and comfortable living. For the best of the best, check out:

  • Queen Valley 
  • Montesa (Retirement Community only) 
  • Pasion en la Colina Del Cascabel 

If you are interested in living closer to town for the many things it may offer, the closest neighborhood you should check out is Gilbert, only 24 miles away. Buying a house is always an exciting time, check out some of these desert beauties to see what is available in the area.

4.  Weather and Climate in Gold Canyon

Because of its location in the desert, the climate in Gold Canyon, AZ can change drastically. The summers are often long and brutal, with the days oftentimes dry and sweltering, the average reaching 100 degrees. The winter can be cold and rainy, but despite it being more likely to rain in the winter, Gold Canyon averages only 13 inches of rain per year, a small amount compared to the 38 inches in the U.S. median rainfall average.
For those new to the heat, make sure to sunscreen it up, carry a water bottle, and keep a spare jacket on you for late-night adventures outside.

5. Activities to do in Gold Canyon, AZ

Outdoor activities, thanks to the weather, are a huge part of the community of Gold Canyon, AZ. If you are a fan of hiking, biking, or anything that puts you in the outdoors enjoying fresh air, Gold Canyon, AZ is the place for you!

Peralta Trailhead

Want to see the peaks, canyons, and stunning rock formations that makeup Gold Canyon, AZ? The Peralta Trailhead offers a round trip of 12.4 miles of gorgeous views. Your furry friends are allowed to accompany you if you are a fan of dogs. This trail is not for beginners, as it is considered to require a skill level that can handle moderate to strenuous types of hiking.

Dinosaur Mountain Golf Course

Are you a fan of golf, or looking into learning the putting way? Look no further than the Dinosaur Mountain Golf Course, a place renowned for not having one signature hole, but 10. It is one of the most popular golf course locations in Arizona. Apart from hiking, hitting the golf courses is one of the most favored ways amongst the locals to unwind.
Below are a few other places to consider visiting while you are checking out the town of Gold Canyon, AZ:

6. Restaurants in Gold Canyon, AZ

Restaurants are an essential part of any community, and there are plenty of options when visiting Gold Canyon, AZ. Below are some of the best restaurants to try:

Gold Stallion Restaurant

The Gold Stallion focuses on the quality of its food and fine dining. The staff works hard to provide their customers with a one-of-a-kind service. They can be hired for private events, and of course, offer a dine-in experience. They are famous for their burgers, some featured being the Gold Canyon Burger, the Superstition Burger, and the Chili Burger. They are famous for their amazing steak entrees, and seafood, such as the Trout Almondine, and the Alaskan Salmon.

Wahoo’s Restaurant and Bar

Wahoo! Head down to Wahoo’s Restaurant and Bar with all of its fresh ingredients, entertainment, and specials. The environment is that of an everyday pub fare, and cocktails are served in an easygoing surrounding with a Southwestern decor. Like The Gold Stallion, Wahoos is famous for its burgers, such as the Wahoo Burger, the Patty Melt, and the Arizona Burger. They also serve a variety of different foods, such as wings, feathers, fins, and tails.

Check out some additional restaurants you won’t want to miss when visiting the area:

7. Job Offers in Gold Canyon, AZ

If you are considering moving to Gold Canyon, AZ there aren’t too many employees due to it being an area for retirees. There are plenty of job opportunities in nearby cities, such as Gilbert.

  • City of Mesa
  • Gold Canyon Dentistry 
  • The UPS Store
  • Stripes Primary Care 

The average hourly rate of pay according to the information collected from Gilbert, AZ is $18.89 per hour.

8. Schools in Gold Canyon

The schools in the area are part of the Apache Junction Unified School District in Arizona. All of the schools offer an outstanding education, for all grades. Some of the few amazing schools include:

  • Peralta Trail Elementary School
  • Cactus Canyon Junior High School 
  • Apache Junction High School 

If you or your child are interested in attending college, make sure to check out some nearby campuses:

  • Arizona State University 
  • Grand Canyon University 
  • Arizona Christain University 
  • Mesa Community College 

9. Statistics and Information in Gold Canyon, AZ

  • Square Miles: 28.67
  • County: Pinal 
  • Zip Code(s): 85118 and 85119
  • Area Code: (480)
  • Time Zone: Mountain Standard Time 
  • The Closest Airport: Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport (21 miles away from Gold Canyon)
  • Elevation: 1,982 feet (about sea level)

10. Pros and Cons of Living in Gold Canyon

  • Pro: Plenty of places to hike and explore. 
  • Pro: Delicious food.  
  • Pro: Safe community for young families and retirees alike. 
  • Con: There aren’t as many jobs in Gold Canyon, but there are plenty of opportunities in neighboring areas, such as Gilbert, or Chandler. 
  • Con: Very hot during the summer. 

Are you interested in moving to Gold Canyon, AZ? Check out our website for further relocation information, and housing, and learn more about the town.