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The smell of turkey is always fresh from the oven during Thanksgiving. But the celebration is not just for the food but also a time for family gathering and giving thanks for life. The period reminds us of being grateful for being alive and living life to the fullest. There are tons of things that we can do in Mesa, Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving this 2022. This article has combined a bucket list of events and family fun to celebrate Thanksgiving.Thanksgiving Events and Family Fun in Mesa Arizona 2022

  1. Arrange a Fall Bouquet

This activity can be stratenus especially if you don’t know how to floral. But it is an opportunity to gather with the family to learn and grow. It can also become a new hobby in the home. You can get flower arrangement tutorials and ideas to make a great bouquet. Most people use mums (chrysanthemums also known as the queen of flowers) but there are others that can perform the same tasks and beautify the garden like asters, violas, and celosias.

  1. Bake Thanksgiving Cookies

Thanksgiving is a season of pies or cookies. These are extra chops for the kids as well as grownups. Instead of following the traditional snacks, why not design customized cookies for Thanksgiving. You can give it a shape or color related to the season like fallen leaves, turkeys, pumpkins, etc.

  1. Do A Random Act Of Kindness

Some random act of kindness is the first step in changing the world. There are so many people that won’t have something to eat during the celebration. You and your family can spread a positive attitude through kindness and this little act will go a long way in saving a life. The act will also inspire others to do the same. You can start by rendering pleasantries with a smile, giving out your food, or showing love to homeless people.

  1. Donate To The Food Bank

The food bank is always hungry for more and Thanksgiving is a time to donate to the community. By donating to the bank, we indirectly share with the community and the world. You can stop by the food bank in Mesa or head to food pantries in Arizona to show them your kindness. As for donation, give nonperishable food like canned foods or pasta that have a long shelf life.

  1. Give Thanks at the Table

Thanksgiving is a time to reflect on our lives and show some act of gratitude for everything. Gratitude isn’t only subject to what is good but also the bad we face. Remember being alive is enough to be thankful. If you’re not good at remembering things, you can have a bucket list of things you want to be thankful for this season. The list can be short or long but not too long so it can be concluded in a few words of appreciation from the heart.

These are a few of many Thanksgiving events and family activities that take place in Mesa Arizona. The region has a wide landscape for indoor and outdoor activities. You can also attend the Thanksgiving parade or festival with your family.