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How to Use the Portal

Getting Started with Your Customer Portal

Welcome to your Customer Portal. The Portal is a personalized webpage to help you keep
track of listings. Use the menu to keep track of you News Feed, Listing Collections, Searches,
Emailed Listings, and more. This video will explain how to use the portal or read on.

• Your News Feed contains all of the new and updated listings you’ve received from
Subscription notifications in one convenient place. If you have a subscription (which
automatically sends you new listings), the News Feed contains 200 of the most recent
listings you’ve received.
• The number next to your News Feed indicates the number of new listings for you to look
at. Unviewed listings are in white, while viewed listings are slightly greyed out.
• Save your favorite listings by clicking the star icon. These listings will appear in your
Saved collection. Listings that you remove (using the No icon) are removed from your
searches and News Feed, but can still be seen in the Hidden by Me listing collection.
Additionally, listings your agent recommends or removes can be found in the
Recommended and Hidden by Agent collections.
• Click on a saved search to view all of the listings that meet that search criteria.
• Click your agent’s name to see their contact information.

Viewing Listings

To look at listings, click any category from the menu category. The listings in that category will appear on the main part
of the screen, organized by tabs. Click on the tabs to look at different information about the listings.

Regardless of which tab you are on, use the blue Actions button on the highlighted listing to share, print, request a
showing, make listing notes, or contact your agent about the listing.

Use the View Checked option to view only listings you have selected by clicking the check box on the listing.

List tab – this tab shows all of the listings in a group. Compare listings easily here. Click on the Star icon to mark a
listing as a favorite. Your starred listings will appear in your Saved collection. Click the No icon to hide a listing and
remove it from you News Feed and Searches. Listings that your agent has recommended will have a highlighted
briefcase icon next to them.

Detail tab – here, you’ll see a more detailed listing report. If you’d like, you can also use the Mortgage Calculator on
the Detail tab.
Photos tab – look at all of the photos for a listing here. Click on the arrows to navigate through the photos. You can
use the arrow buttons on the screen, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. The double arrow button in the bottom
left corner will launch a full screen photo slideshow.


Map tab – plot the listings on a map here. You can move the map around and zoom in to get a better look. Click on
the Driving Directions link to open the location in Google maps where you can get detailed driving directions.
Messages tab – here, send you agent messages about properties. I’ll respond, and our conversations about
individual listings will be visible on the Messages tab, or you can look at all of our conversations on the Dashboard.


My Account


Click on the My Account link to access your portal Dashboard of E-mail Settings. The Dashboard contains four sections:
the Searches and Reports panel contains links to your news feed, searches, emailed listings, and reports; the Collections
panel contains your recommended, saved, and hidden listings as well as custom listing collections; the Messages panel
contains all of the messages you have sent to and received from your agent; and the Profile panel allows you to update
your contact information.