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Is it time for you to list your home for sale in San Tan Valley, AZ? Are you considering doing it by yourself? If you are unsure you need to take a deeper look at what a real estate agent does for you and why it can be more beneficial for you to work with an agent vs. a for sale by owner (FSBO). As you are determining your next steps, ask yourself these questions.

FSBO vs Realtor Decision ChecklistUsing a Real Estate Agent In The San Tan Valley vs. FSBO

What’s Your Home Value?

Knowing your home value is a big part of listing your house. Real estate agents have the expertise and tools to understand the market and where the value of your home fits in the current market. Pricing your home value is vital to the sale of your home. While you will pay a commission, the benefits a real estate agent can offer you give you a much better edge on the sale of your home. Typically home sales listed with an agent sell at a higher price point than FSBO. This is because agents can market your home with open houses and showings, which can create more traffic and possibly multiple offers.

Do you know how to stage your home and take photos?

Staging your home and taking photos for all of the marketing purposes is a huge task in itself and agents have connections to ensure these things are done by a professional. Photography is intricate and a professional real estate photographer will ensure your home looks the best it can to appeal to the masses. This is just one of the many reasons why it is beneficial to list your home with an agent.

Do you know how to get your home listed on the MLS?

The MLS is a multiple-listing service. This is a database that lists all of the houses and properties that are for sale. The MLS and its available tools can only be accessed by a licensed real estate agent. If you are not a licensed agent then there is a large fee you would have to pay to list your home with the MLS. If you do not have your home listed in the MLS, then you will only have social media, signs, and print as your available marketing tools. This is why working with an agent is so beneficial.

Are you in a hurry?

If your circumstances are that you need to sell your home quickly, then you want to be working with a realtor. As stated above, they have the tools, expertise, and connections to move your house a lot quicker in a sale than you would on your own.

Can you devote time to communicating with buyers and showing your house to strangers?

You may not realize how much time is spent on communicating about the sale of a home. This takes a lot of effort and time is money so if you are devoting yourself to the time to do this then you are missing out on other things. This is exactly why you hire an agent so they take on all o the communication tasks as well as show your home. This is especially helpful when you get offers and there is a timeline on how quickly you need to respond.

Do you understand real estate contracts and your liability as a seller?

There are plenty of liabilities when you enter into a real estate contract. If you are not prepared to take on these liabilities and navigate the contract, then you need the assistance of an agent. Realtors work with these contracts consistently and can identify potential problems and opportunities to solve these problems along the way. The sale of your home is a legally binding process, you need the expertise of an agent.

Do you know the tactics for negotiating with agents?

This is another reason why an agent is beneficial. They deal with negotiating these contracts consistently. Negotiations take place multiple times within the escrow process so it is beneficial to have someone who is experienced in this. A real estate agent can offer you advice along the way, but ultimately it is your decision when it comes to the sale of your home.

In Conclusion

If you require real estate assistance in San Tan Valley, AZ, contact me! I would love to help you list your home or begin a custom home search for you.

For more information on real estate in San Tan Valley please contact us anytime. I would love to help you find a home in Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, Gold Canyon, and Sun Lakes as well as all the neighborhoods surrounding Mesa and the Valley. 

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