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Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House

The kitchen and the master bath are two major selling features when it comes to selling.  You can do a lot with a little to sell your house.  You may not have a ‘spa’ bathroom but simple things like towels, flower accessories create an atmosphere that will sell your house.  Do these items come with the house?  How can they affect the sale?    An image of luxury and comfort….pampering.  This image then persuades the buyer that they want this atmosphere and must buy your home and make it their own and then you sell your house!.

Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House

Buyers love the allure of a fresh, beautiful bathroom that reminds them of luxury hotels or soothing spas they have enjoyed. And, most important, buyers want to envision themselves enjoying this luxury every day in their new home. However, the reality is that most of us do not have the perfect bathroom. And we know that, in most instances, it is not a wise investment to do a full, costly renovation just for a home sale. It simply doesn’t translate into profit. A better strategy is to maximize what you already have, on a budget. You want to transform your real-life, everyday bathroom into a five-star hotel experience that prospective buyers will love, without overcapitalizing. Here are simple ways to create havens with a wow factor.
Tricks to Help Your Bathroom Sell Your House

Clear the counters and remove all signs that you live there

Each home is unique so emphasize what advantages or perks your bathroom may have over another. And while it may seem impossible to stage a bathroom, these tips can make it easier and more buyers will take notice.

Have more questions? Give me a call! I have a lot of tips for staging all kinds of kitchens and bathrooms.