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If you are planning to hire a moving company for your next or upcoming move, it is a good idea to do your research about what would be the best and most cost-effective option.

A flat-rate move might sound like the best deal because you pay one upfront and set in stone rate, but sometimes a company that charges an hourly rate may be the biggest money saver.

When to Hire Hourly MoversShould You Choose Hourly or Flat-Rate Movers

If you are making what is considered a local move, such as moving across the city, or to the neighboring city, this is a local move.

Hourly movers of course base their final charge on time. Most often hourly movers will charge a minimum of three hours time and increase the price from there. In general, a home buyer can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $150 dollars for two to three movers.

The larger your home, or amount of belongings, the more time it will take to move it. If you have a fairly large home or want movers to help you move items you have in storage to a large home, you may want to ask if there is a cap that can be set for an hourly company so you do not go over your intended budget.

When to Hire a Flat Rate Company

With a flat rate moving company, you get an upfront flat-rate cost that you will pay no matter what. This number is often determined after asking a few questions about the move including how large your home is and how far the distance between your current home and your new home is. They may also ask about heavy objects that will be moved like furniture and appliances.

This is typically a better way to go for those moving a significant distance. This is a better choice for anyone moving more than just a couple of hours from their current location as there will be more unknowns and more need to get everything moved in one trip.

If the moving truck gets stuck in traffic on the way to the new home, you definitely don’t want to be paying by the hour for your moving company.

One thing to make sure you look into with a flat rate mover is that all expenses and charges are in fact included in your agreed-upon flat rate. Sometimes a flat-rate mover can have extra fees that are only communicated in the fine print of a contract, not upfront in clearly communicated words from the company rep.

These costs could include charges for boxes and wrapping, mileage, going over their expected timeline for the move, etc. You may come to find that the flat rate mover you are about to hire is not a flat-rate mover at all.

Make sure to read every detail of a moving agreement contract before you sign it with any mover, especially a flat rate mover. Look for extra costs that will be charged and if there is no guarantee on the agreement that the price you were quoted will be the final price you pay make sure the contract is changed to include these words.

Moving can be a large and overwhelming task, and many people look to make it easier with the help of professional movers. Just make sure that it really is the stress relief help you are expecting it to be by knowing the contract backward and forwards.

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