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Should I Sell My Home In The Fall Or Winter?

I often get asked– Should I Sell My Home In The Fall Or Winter?

Many potential home sellers believe that homes don’t sell during the fall or winter seasons.  This is actually a pretty common real estate myth.  Houses are constantly selling.  It all depends on if you are ready.  If you price a home correctly and do the work to clean and stage your home it will sell….. but there are pros and cons to selling at any time of year.

Fall and winter have a lower inventory.  This is historically true in all markets.  OK that means less competition.  If a buyer is looking there are less homes out there and you can stand out.

Another thing about the holidays is there are more serious shoppers.  There are less lookie lous.  There are fewer window shoppers during the fall and winter months, which is a great thing for a home seller. The potential buyers who are looking to buy a home during the fall or winter months buy quicker than those looking in the spring and summer months.  They want to get the job done and focus on the holidays.

Corporate relocations are big at this time of year.  The possibility of people being relocated to a new city for the upcoming years first quarter is a great reason to sell during the fall and winter months. These folks come to town on a mission.  The have a limited amount of time to shop and buy!

This is a great time to play the emotion card.  If you decide you should sell your home during the fall or winter months, remember, that these months give you a prime opportunity to target a buyers emotions.  Since selling and buying a home is often emotional, decorating a home for Halloween or Thanksgiving or Christmas  is a great way to help a buyer envision themselves spending their next holiday in your home.  What a perfect staging strategy!

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