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seller tips

Do you want to sell your home? It is important that you do a few basic things.   This is not expensive or complicated.

  • You can prepare your home for the market.  The simplest preparation does not cost a lot of money. Cleaning is key. This is the most important – clean.  If you can smell it, you can’t sell it!  Things like de-cluttering and de-personalizing your home (think, show your home, not your stuff!).
  • Expect prying eyes!    Buyers are most often strangers – even to their real estate agent.  Lets face it, buyers are going to look. They will open drawers. They will peer into closets.  The will look in the garage.  Put away valuables, firearms, medications (yes your meds this is the most stolen item) and personal information/documents.  Think safety, security and even identity theft.   A real estate agent can’t watch every person who enters your home a 100% of the time even though they may try!  
  • Let Your Realtor handle things.   It is not necessary for you to “highlight” or act as a tour guide.  Leave the house. Remember, you chat may give away too much information…or at least may give away negotiation positions or even price. 
  • Price should reflect three things if a seller is motivated: condition, location and competition.
  • Its all about numbers:  30-10-1, for instance.  If  in 30 days you do not have at least ten showings and one realistic (even if not accepted) offer. If not, look at price. 
  • You can’t price too low, really!  You are not required to accept any offer.  If you price low, you may receive multiple offers with buyers competing with each other.
  • You can price too high! See 30-10-1 above!  
  • Accommodation:  Showings are necessary to sell.  Accommodate reasonable showing requests.  Conditions like 24 hour notice, list agent must be present for showings are obstacles. 
  • Second showings confirm “good.”  Whether the subject property is in the running or its being compared to another potentially better property.   
  • Don’t scoff at a less than full price offer.   An offer that is reasonable, yet not quite “there,” is potentially the one...it is just in the “lets talk” stage! 
  • Expect contingencies.  In particular expect an inspection contingency and anticipate little repairs.  Do them up front because multiple little things can cost dollars later – or even a sale.  And if there are issues, that can’t be fixed, disclose them up front and consider them in pricing.