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Places You will Want to Deep Clean Before Listing Your Home

You only get one chance to make a first impression. It’s a saying we have all heard before. When it comes to showing your home to a potential buyer, it is one of the most important clichés to remember. You want to show your home in its absolute best condition so that buyers will fall in love with it and it will sell faster. It is well worth it to deep clean certain areas of your home before listing so your home will give a great first impression.  

Here are some important areas to deep clean before listing your home.  

  • Shower/Bathtub

The bathrooms in a home are one of the most important areas for potential buyers. It is a place where people want to envision themselves relaxing or being able to pamper themselves as they get ready to go about their day. The last thing a buyer wants to see is dirty tile grout or a ring around the tub.  

Don’t just clean the bath and shower and their surroundings, deep clean them. Call in a professional tile and stone cleaner if you can to make the bathroom look practically brand new. It will be worth the impression that the bathroom is well cared for and in great condition.  

  • Kitchen

The kitchen is going to be possibly the most scrutinized room in the home. It is not uncommon for buyers to look in every nook and cranny of a kitchen including inside the oven, cupboards, pantry, under the sink, inside the microwave, and maybe even in the fridge. It is really important to get every area of the kitchen clean and have the cupboards and fridge neat and organized to give a picture of an easy, efficient, and well-functioning kitchen.  

After everything is de-cluttered and perfectly placed go through and scrub and sanitize all surfaces. If you have tile in the kitchen, don’t forget to deep clean that grout.  

  • Laundry Room 

A place that may not seem of high importance to buyers, but it is. This room also has a tendency to become cluttered and may even harbor a smelly or musty odor. The laundry room is important because it is another area of the home that can help daily life function more easily or hinder it and make it almost a nightmare. The size and function of a laundry room matter to buyers. So you want to put as many of your personal belongings away as possible. You want to highlight size and easy organization over piles of laundry limiting the space. If you have a front-loading machine you will want to make sure it has been recently cleaned especially the seals around the washer door that are prone to carry stinky mold.  

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  • Garage/ Unfinished Basement/ Any Place of Storage 

You want to showcase storage areas as light, bright, clean, and spacious rather than dark, dingy, and maybe even creepy. To do this make sure there are plenty of lights on, the doors and windows are open if possible, and clean and organize the space the best that you can.  

  • Closets 

An ample amount of closet space is something the housing market is seeing in higher demand these days. No matter how old or new your home is and how much closet space you have there is a way to make your closets feel and seem efficient and enough. This best way to do this is to declutter them by removing items used in other seasons, and maybe pairing down to just the essentials in your wardrobe until your home is sold. A closet that is stuffed to capacity gives a message that the space is not adequate for everyday living needs.  Also, the more organized the contents of the closet the better.  Once this is done make sure all the shelves are dust-free and the floor is spotless.  

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