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Moving? Don't Make These 10 Mistakes

There’s no getting around it, moving is stressful but with a little bit of planning and preparation, you can make sure that your relocation is done as smoothly as possible. Here are 10 simple mistakes to avoid when relocating, packing, and moving. Tips and Resources provided by a few associates – Moving? Don’t Make These 10 Mistakes

#1. Not planning ahead

A lot of times we don’t get the chance to plan far enough in advance, but if you can, take it. Whether you’ve listed your house yet or just had an accepted offer, now is the time to plan ahead for moving costs, gathering boxes and packing supplies, and organizing the move.

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#2. Not understanding the weight and size of your items

Nobody realizes exactly how much stuff they have until they have to pack it up and move. If you’re contacting a movie company to get a quote you may be asked to estimate how much things way and how large they are. If you underestimate this amount you could end up paying a huge overage fee. One way to avoid this is to have the company offer you a free in-home estimate.

#3. Not purchasing additional insurance.

“Most moving companies will offer a minimum amount of insurance but to be safe, consider purchasing third-party insurance that will cover the actual replacement of any damaged item.” – Louisville Realtor Joe Hayden

#4. Packing valuables with everything else.

If you have valuable such as jewelry, nostalgic items, or hard to replace items, consider packing them separately and carrying them with you.

#5. Packing too much.

Don’t be that person that packs up everything including garbage only to purge once you get to your new house. Not only will the stress you out but any friends you have helping you move will see this as a useless waste of time. Go through everything ahead of time and purge trash, donate items, or sell items that you know you’re not going to keep in the new house.

#6. Not inquiring about additional services.

If the moving company needs to take items up and down stairs or you need a shuttle to transport your belongings from the truck to the door, this could mean extra costs for you. Before signing a contract, make sure everyone understands what to expect on both ends of the relocation.

#7. Not backing up your computer.

Whether you’re organizing your move and relocation on the computer or you just don’t want to miss valuable documents, it’s best to back up your documents and your entire computer on an external source. Jostling around in a moving truck can affect or even damage your computer so make sure you have everything covered and protected before you pack up the computer.

#8. Not scheduling moving day.

Schedule your moving day as soon as you know. Most moving companies will charge more during their busier times which is around the first or the last days of the month. While you may not be able to wait, it’s best to schedule your move as quickly as possible.

#9. Going with the cheapest moving company.

“Cheap is definitely not better when it comes to moving companies. Check their reliability, get rates and reviews, and the best one may not be the most expensive but it’s probably not going to be the cheapest either.” – Steven Brand Real Estate Attorney

#10. Not making an inventory.

Moving companies are supposed to keep an inventory of your items but it really is your responsibility. Check to make sure that every item on your inventory list has been delivered at the new house. If not, you may never see it again.

Simple planning can make a move or relocation a lot less stressful. If you’re planning on relocating to Mesa Arizona or need to sell your home in our area contact my office today.

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