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How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

Virtual tours, E signatures, digital closings, they’re becoming the new norm and while homeowners use to use amazing photography to make their home stand out in a long list of listings, virtual tours are now the norm and sellers need to figure out how to stand out there as well. If you’re selling your home, and a lot of people still are and there are buyers, you’ll want to stand out from among the crowd and that doesn’t necessarily mean just a simple virtual tour of a vacant house. So how can your house stand out on a virtual tour? Here are 5 ways to make your house stand out in a virtual tour for homebuyers.

How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

#1. Stage the picture-perfect home.

Just like in listing photos, a virtual tour needs to show that home immaculate. Staging is more important than ever so whether it’s your first virtual tour or your fifth, it needs to be just as fantastic as those professional listing photos. Staging rooms can influence the buyer’s decision so your entryway, living room, bathroom, master bedroom, and kitchen all need to be the epitome of a picture-perfect room. This might be difficult but, as long as you give at least a couple of hours notice for most sellers before touring the house, most homeowners can pull it together. I tell all of my sellers that when your home is on the market, don’t make any mess that can’t be cleaned up in 30 minutes or less.

Each room needs to be designed with buyers in mine so the table needs to be set, flowers on the table, coffee table, or a bowl of fruit on the counter. No more than three items per shelf and make every room designed to where you want to step in, enjoy, and relax. Remove any and all personal items, collections, and items that are just not neutral.

How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

#2. Transform each room with the perfect paint color.

Photos and even video can definitely hide little scuffs and scratches but if you have a bright orange accent wall in your kids room, now is the time to nix it. It’s time to go back to a neutral soft gray, beige, or some neutral tone that can fit into just about any buyers lifestyle. Remember, you have to appeal to every buyer, not just those with kids, pets, or those that like orange accent walls.

How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

#3. Choose the right lighting.

Your virtual tour needs to be amazing and lighting it is one of those major components. Lighting is essential when it comes to eye-catching and a camera-ready atmosphere. Your home will look its best on camera if you film in the middle of the day with shades open and as much natural light streaming into the room as possible. Turn on lamps, lights, and avoid too much artificial lighting such as overhead fluorescence that can overpower the space with too much light. Try taking a virtual tour during different times of the day to find out when the light is best.

How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

#4. Clear out the clutter but don’t take away everything.

Vacant homes are one of the worst things to look at in a virtual tour but the second worst is a cluttered room. You have to find a balance between just enough, and too much. The home should be clean, cleared, and every surface should have no more than 3 to 5 items. Uneven amounts of items are more eye-catching so a collection of three items such as two vases and a picture, a stack of three books and a plant, or a large book with two accent pieces on top are really the perfect design. Remove everything from closets, cupboards, pantries, and countertops and only put things back if you’re going to use them or if they add to the look of the room.

How to Make Your House Stand Out in a Virtual Tour

#5. Highlight your homes with the best features.

What characteristics does your home have that will really stand out to buyers? Is it brand-new kitchen appliances, and amazing a breakfast bar, a dramatic kitchen island, large outdoor entertainment space? Whatever it is, it’s probably your favorite feature of the home so buyers may love it as well. Make sure you give special attention to these features in both photos and virtual tours.

Every home is unique so if you’re concerned about highlighting those features, what to do with your home, or how to stage it for the best possible virtual tour, give me a call. I have sold homes throughout Mesa Arizona for decades and can absolutely tell you what buyers are looking for today. I can offer tips, suggestions, and advice to getting your home priced correctly, staged beautifully, listed properly, and sold fast.

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