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Anyone who owns a pet knows the deep love that you have for them. They are the sweetest and most understanding of family members. It is not hard to understand that you can have a big love for your pets. However, the people touring your home do not have that same love for your particular pet and not everybody is an animal lover.

If you are currently trying to sell your home and you have cute furry family members here are some things you will want to avoid. How Our Sweet Cute Pets Could Hinder Home Sales

Leaving Tufts of FurHow Our Sweet Cute Pets Could Hinder Home Sales

If your pets are of the shedding variety it may seem like all you do is pick up their hair. And just when you think you got it all you can spot a few more fur bunnies under the couch or next to the dining room table leg. Though it may not seem like that one little tuft would break a deal, it just might.

Some easy hair removal cleaning strategies include using a lightly damp sponge to help grab on to pet hair on fabric and furniture. Pet hair gloves can also be very useful for picking up those last little hairballs you find before heading out as buyers head in for a showing.

Stains on the Floor

It is not uncommon to come across an accident resulting in an unsightly pile of mess left on the floor by a furry friend. Maybe when you were training your puppy, they had a place they felt was comfortable to relieve themselves which left a bit of discoloration behind. It is best to have these discolorations fixed before you open your home for showings.

If you can afford to, replace the area of flooring. If you need a more budget-friendly fix cover the area with a rug or carpet. Or hire a professional to get stains out of hard surface flooring and refinish them. It is well worth the investment.

Scratches and Dings

Active animals do not mean to, but they can cause a bit of damage to the surfaces of our homes. This can include items like chew marks or claw marks on the legs of furniture, baseboards, hardwood flooring, or even windows, especially the back slider door.

It is a good idea to look up some tricks for getting scratches out of your furniture or your hardwood flooring. In some cases, you may need to replace the item.

Feeding Dishes Left Out

You and your pet know where the feeding dishes are on the floor and have a routine every day and as such do not find a problem for them to be in that spot on the floor. Buyers that come through to tour the home will not be expecting those items to be on the floor as they do not automatically assume you have pets. You want to make sure that you tuck away food and water bowls when you leave the home to avoid tripping and spills of these items. It is not fun to trip over these items and cause kibble to go everywhere or to end up with wet shoes from slobbery pet water.

Litter Boxes

If you are a cat owner you are probably used to the litter box. But when a cat does not belong to you a litter box can be the most unpleasant of smells. Walking into a bathroom and instantly smelling the litter box is a huge turn-off. It is a big distraction from an area that several buyers pay a lot of attention to. Bathrooms and kitchens are some of the most important rooms in the home to a buyer.

When you get your home ready for showing the best strategy as far as your furry family members are concerned is to leave no trace. In the same way that you want to make sure you pick up personal belongings like photos and specific pieces of your design so that the buyer can more easily see themself living there, you want to make sure there is no trace of your pet being cozy and at home in the space.

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