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Taking on the logistical tasks of going through the belongings that a loved one has left behind in their home after they have passed away can be a difficult and overwhelming venture. Adding on the emotional hardship to the large job is no help either. Here is some advice to make the process less chaotic from a professional organizer.

Give time to grieveCleaning a Loved One's Home When They Pass Away

If there is no immediate deadline to vacate the loved one’s house then take some time to settle the shock of your emotions before beginning this large decluttering process. In the days that occur just after your loved one passes you will be wrestling with very tough emotions and what it looks like to live without your loved one. Not to mention there are several other aspects that will demand your attention like insurance, finances, as well as memorial items. You may be feeling like you have to make an immediate decision on these items, but you could find that in your heightened emotional states as you come out of it you prefer to make a different plan.

Employ the Help of Those You Trust

Decluttering a home after a loss is a huge physical and emotional undertaking. For most people taking on this task alone is more than they can bear. It can be a good idea to ask those that are closest to you that you trust the most to help you with the task. Keep in mind that it should be someone that you are comfortable talking over disagreements with as some may pop up in making decisions on what to do with certain items.

It may also help to have a little perspective when you have to face certain tasks or maybe just to have the ability and strength of someone to carry out something that could be very hard because it brings back painful or important memories.

Set a tone or a plan before you begin the job

If you have asked other people to come in and help you to take care of belongings consider meeting together beforehand to discuss how you hope things will run to help minimize any tension or disagreement that might arise. Especially if the people coming to help have different working styles.

It is helpful to communicate how you work and how you hope to get things accomplished by taking care of your loved one’s belongings. The more that is communicated beforehand the smoother it will go. But also remember not to expect it to go perfectly.

Choose short work sessions

Even decluttering your own home on a regular day can be overwhelming and tiring. Make sure that you give yourself plenty of grace and allow yourself a balance between getting the task finished and taking a break from all of the physical and mental exhaustion.

It is OK to just set aside some short blocks of time to power through what can be a very tough task.

Go through items in categories

Separating items into categories can help to keep everyone motivated and focused. It is a little bit easier to make a decision on what to do with every little item when they are grouped together and you are focused on one category at a time. Seeing all of the like items together can also help you to see just how many items there are and help you to better make a decision of not retaining too many things.

Consider hiring the help of a professional organizer

If the task of going through every individual item that your loved one owned seems to be too much there are many professional services out there that can help you to accomplish the task with much care and concern. A professional organizer can help you to sort through belongings and discuss which items truly mean something to you and which might be more helpful to donate to someone that could really use it.

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