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7 Characteristics of Move In Ready Homes

When it comes to the words “move-in ready” on a home listing it can mean different things. Sometimes it can be taken that the home is remodeled and up to date. Here are the characteristics of a home that is allowed to be classified as move-in ready when it is listed.  Here are 7 Characteristics of Move In Ready Homes

Electrical and Plumbing 

In a move-in ready home, the electrical should be up to the current code and free from any potential fire hazards. A home that has an electrical system with 30 or so years of wear on it is more than likely not up to current construction codes. It will probably be noted in the inspection that it can use some attention.  

Plumbing systems should also be up to code. The older a system the more likely it is to become tired and break down or cause a very large and hazardous issue that requires thousands of dollars in repairs.  

Roof, Windows, and Siding 

Move-In ready homes will have a roof with a considerable amount of its lifespan still yet to live. A home that has a 25-year-old roof that is in great working condition now is not going to stay that way. The same goes for the windows and siding. Nothing lasts forever and if the new buyer is going to need to replace these items within the first five years of living in the home, this is not move-in ready. This is to get ready for major maintenance around the corner ready.

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Heating and Cooling Systems 

Heating and cooling systems are major and expensive items. They are one of the first things buyers are concerned about as far as infrastructure goes. If these systems are just ok for now, but will need any kind of attention in the near future a buyer will not see this as move-in ready. If they are still in love with the home they will be searching for some negotiation on the price of fixing or replacing the heating and cooling systems.  

7 Characteristics of Move In Ready Homes


Many people think of a move-in ready kitchen as one that has been nicely remodeled and updated. While this is something buyers that want homes they don’t have to do any work on are looking for, it is not something that keeps someone from living in a home. A kitchen with appliances in great shape, functioning plumbing, and up to date electrical is actually move-in ready.  

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This is the same situation as with the kitchen. As long as the bathroom is in good working condition it can be considered move-in ready. The cosmetic condition does not hinder it from being livable.  


“As long as the flooring is clean and free of staining, damage, buckling, etc., it is move-in ready.  This goes for any type of flooring in the home: hardwood, carpet, tile, etc. Regardless of if it is on-trend or in-style.” – Joe Hayden – Louisville Realtor®

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A room painted highlighter yellow may be on trend with some, but an eyesore to others. Though this may make some buyers want to run in a different direction it does not make the house unlivable or take away the seller’s right to list the home as move-in ready. 

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