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Moving can be a fun and exciting new adventure, but what isn’t so fun is moving into your new home to discovering unpleasant odors left behind by the previous owner. Here are some ways to get those undesirable odors to move out so you can move on with enjoying your new house. 

Easy Odor Removal 4 Easy Odor Removal Tricks for a Smelly House

Light odors that may be left behind from a smelly bit of garbage or leftovers left too long in the fridge are an easy fix. Start by removing the source of the stink if it is still around, then clean the area surfaces with an all-purpose cleaner. Next, neutralize the odors in the air with one of these items:  

  • Baking Soda: Open a container and place it in the area where the smell is the strongest. Leave it 8 hours to overnight for it to fully absorb and trap those odors. 
  • Coffee Grounds: Fresh or used coffee grounds work the same way as baking soda, absorbing odors from the air. The added benefit of using coffee is it smells good.  
  • White Vinegar: setting out a bowl of white distilled vinegar will help to absorb odors. Yes vinegar does have its own distinct smell, but it is a better one than the funky odor. Once the funky odor is absorbed the vinegar can be poured down the drain and all smells will be gone.  
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: This is a good deodorizer for the garbage disposal or even just a stinky drain like in the bathroom or kitchen sink.  

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Smoke and Nicotine 

If the previous homeowner was a smoker this smell can permeate everywhere and linger for a long time. It can even leave yellowish stains. Start by washing the walls and windows and have the carpets professionally cleaned. You may need to rip them out though. Wait a few days and if the smell lingers use a heavy-duty cleaner like trisodium phosphate on the walls and windows.  

If the smell still lingers after a good cleaner considers repainting with an odor-blocking primer and sealer such as Kilz brand.  

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Pet Odors 

If the previous owners had a pet or two it is not uncommon for some of that pet odor to linger long after they are gone. If the odor is in the carpet it is a good idea to have a professional carpet cleaning done to ensure all of the odor-causing yuck is truly cleaned and you can then start fresh in your new home.  

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Musty Smell in the Air 

If the whole house just sort of carries a musty old smell consider having the air ducts cleaned out, especially if the home is mostly hard surface flooring. If the musty smell is coming mostly from a carpeted room then it is time for a deep carpet cleaning in addition to having that HVAC system cleaned.  

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