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3 Low-Effort Tricks to Boost Curb Appeal

Like it or not a first impression sticks in our head. For some a first impression can last no matter how much time has gone by, or other things have gotten in the way to hopefully make us forget. A home’s curb appeal is its first impression, and for many buyers they will not forget their first impression of a home and how its curb appeal looked.

Curb appeal is hugely important, it can increase the value of a property and is a wonderful way to welcome buyers to your home as well as welcome anyone that comes to visit your home. For some it also gives an impression of what they might expect to find on the inside.

No one wants to make a bad impression, especially a seller who is trying to entice a buyer to purchase their home. The outdoor style and condition of a home is sort of like it’s greeting or it’s a handshake to a potential buyer. You want your home’s first greeting to be a positive one that gets the meeting of buyer and home off on the right foot.

Here are three simple and low effort ways to boost your home’s curb appeal so that it greets buyers in its best light

1. Choose a color palette that sets a happy mood

Colors have a way of bringing forth a certain mood. Some colors are cheery while others are mysterious and others are downright awful and a turn off. On the outside of your home, you can create a color palette that gives your home a personality and an overall style feel. For example, a cute modern farmhouse might be painted white with black trim and some black shutters with an up-to-date stylish front door in a warm golden stain.

2. A pop of color will help to set a property apart and bring interest

When you have a color palette picked out for the main part of your home, picking out complementary colors that pop and contrast with it will bring visual interest and excitement in a positive mood to the outside of your home. Some people choose to bring this pop of color to their front door, while others may use large appealing planters next to the door. Others may incorporate a pop of color by utilizing the current holiday season with decorations. However, you choose to use your pop of color, make sure that it is one that contrasts well and brings a cheerful mood while not distracting too heavily from the overall style feel of the exterior of the home.

3. Don’t forget about the landscape greenery

For a home to look it’s best from the outside the landscaping will need to be in its best shape. Make sure to mow the lawn and have bushes trimmed and flowerbeds weeded as well as pulling out any dead or tired plants. Landscaping really does bring a sense of fresh life to your home’s exterior; tired landscaping will give a negative effect. Taking a day to make sure the landscaping is in top shape is a very small and low-cost way to bring the best curb appeal to your home.

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