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If you have bought or sold a home during this time you’re obviously moving so how can you move to keep your family safe and what should you know about moving during the current state of our world right now? Here are 10 things to know if you’re moving during the pandemic.

#1. Plan ahead.10 Things to Know if Moving During the Pandemic

Plan as far in advance as you can. People are still moving these days so you may need to reserve a moving truck or moving company ahead of time. Plan for packing yourself or using a moving company, getting a pod, or reserving the truck.

#2. Get a virtual estimate from a moving company.

Most moving companies can give you an idea on cost simply by a virtual estimate. They can take a look at all the items you have in the house and give you a better idea of how much things would cost. He’ll need to know your home’s square footage and if you’re packing up items in boxes or if they are.

#3. By new boxes.

Now is probably not the time to be scrounging around the recycling bin behind your local grocery store for moving boxes. It might be a little bit of an expense but the recommendation is to get brand-new boxes from the movers.

#4. Wear gloves and a mask.

The CDC recommends that everyone wear a face mask in public to curb the spread of COVID-19. If you’re dealing with anyone outside of your immediate household family, wear a mask.

#5. Disinfect.

You’ll be touching everything in your home and the movers will as well if they have been hired so as you pack and prepare, disinfect every item in your house ensuring that everything has been cleaned and wiped down.

10 Things to Know if Moving During the Pandemic#6. Ask the movers about their process.

It may be difficult to ask your neighbors for help so ask the movers about any precautions they are taking during this time. You want to make sure you know what they are doing and because it is mandated to wear a mask, ask about their disinfecting procedures.

#7. Pack ahead of time.

Many moving companies can offer full packing and unpacking services but the best way to prevent the spread of any disease is simply to pack all the items yourself. You can also pack the items the weight you would want them packed using packing materials, towels, and blankets to wrap fragile items in.

#8. Ask about a no-contact move.

You want to maintain as much distance between you and the movers as possible so some moving companies are offering moves with no contact at all. The movers will call or text before arriving so that the homeowner can leave the door unlocked for movers to get started.

#9. Reserve the loading area.

If you’re moving in a densely populated area you may need to reserve part of the road or the curb out front for movers to pull in and out. If you live in a condominium building, you may need to reserve the elevator.

#10. Disinfect as you unpack as well.

Once you get to your next home you want to disinfect items as they come out of the box as well. Where your mask, gloves, and sprayed on each item as you carefully put it away.

If you’re planning on moving or relocating right now, give me a call. People are doing it and there are lots of ways to safely browse homes, right up real estate contracts, and get people move on with their lives.

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