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Yes there are rules for sellers.  Follow them if you really want to sell your house.


  1. You will keep your house in showing condition at all times. 
    Your house is on the market. Every day, make your bed, clear counter tops, put the toilet seats down, put dishes in the dishwasher, put dirty clothes where they belong. Always be prepared.  You are always on call.
  2. You will have no contact with prospective Buyers or their Realtor.
    The lines of communication are vital.  Your Realtor is the contact.  You will receive an approximate time (a showing window) when your house will be shown. Make sure your home is ready at the beginning of the allotted window, and leave when they show up.
  3. You will not be present for showings.
    It is imperative that you not be present for showings. This so important I said it twice.  The potential buyers need to experience the home with no one hovering. And this keeps the lines of communication thru the Realtor.
  4. You will not turn down a showing.
    You usually only get one chance for prospective Buyers to see your home. Take them at every available opportunity.  Do you want to sell your home or not?
  5. You will not let anyone in who knocks on your door.
    People will often see a real estate sign and knock on the door asking to see your home. Never let them in. Have them call your agent. This is a safety issue for you and helps the lines of communication thru your Realtor.
  6. You will kennel or remove pets for showings.
    People are there to see your home, but even those who love animals will be distracted by jumping dogs and loving cats, and many are allergic.
  7. You will open curtains and turn on lights before a showing.
    Light and bright is the rule of the day.  Most people have no interest in homes that appear gloomy. Brighten it up!
  8. You will hide all prescription drugs, valuables, firearms.
    Make sure they are not visible to people who are viewing your home, and password protect your computer.  Prescription drugs are the most common thing stolen in homes.
  9. You will keep your home odor free.
    No pet smells, no cooking smells, no strong potpourri. Even good smells in large doses are distracting.  And a air freshener will not hide your pets urine smell.
  10. You will take the first offer seriously
    Don’t believe you are priced too low because an offer came in quickly.  Ninety percent of first offers are the best offers. They are the most motivated. If you don’t like the bid, negotiate, but do not discount the first proposal.