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10 Places to Paint Before Listing Your House

If you’re planning on selling your house this year, you’re probably starting to get things ready, prepped him a pact, and all the little details covered. Who knows what the real estate market will really look like over the next few months, but, we are doing a lot of stuff at home these days and even if you plan on selling while we all are on lockdown, you still want your listing photos to be phenomenal. That typically means staging, coordinating, and setting up your home in a way that appeals to a wide variety of homebuyers. That being said, here are 10 places to paint before listing your house.

#1. Front door.

Painting the front door is probably one of the least expensive home preparation projects but it can also have a huge impact on the homes sale price. Did you know that having a black front door can earn up to $6000 more in resale value? You’ll want to choose the best paint for your front door based on durability, color, and suitability for your door material. If you go for a darker color, it can hold up better and give potential buyers a beautiful welcome.

#2. House numbers.

You definitely want to make sure that potential buyers and agents can find your home easily and making your house number stand out is 1 Great Way of doing that. Plus, it will make it easier for all of those home deliveries.

#3. Mailbox.

If you have a mailbox, stick to a classic, shiny black mailbox color that tells buyers you have well care for home. Buyers assume that if the homeowner can’t even get the mailbox looking right, what does the rest of the house hold?

#4. Garage door.

A garage door can occupy up to 40% of your homes façade so it can have a major impact on curb appeal. White is always a popular color but you really can go with any shade that complements your homes exterior color. If you have brick or natural stone, using a bronze, beige, or would tone works well for a garage door.

#5. Exterior trim.

Freshening up the trim will make the house pop but if the exterior trim is peeling or weatherbeaten, it looks poorly for the entire house.

#6. Deck.

Maybe your deck just needs a good pressure wash or maybe it needs a completely new stain. Decks can be a major selling point and can earn up to 105% of the money spent on building it. But, you’ll want that deck to shine so it’s a great idea to repaint your deck or restain it before listing.

#7. Touchups.

Go throughout the house and touch up any scuffs, marks, gouges, or places where paint has peeled or come off.

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#8. Electrical box.

Painting the external electrical box will make it blend into the house better and not be an eyesore on the outside of your home.

#9. Behind the toilet.

It can be very easy to neglect the area behind the toilet because it’s not necessarily a great spot to clean and it can be hard to reach. But, details like a dirty wall behind the toilet can definitely stick out like a sore thumb. Make sure you clean and prep the area well before painting.

#10. Accent walls.

This is kind of a bonus one as it’s not necessary but it can make the home stand out. Just choosing one wall in the living room or dining room and making it a dramatic color but yet not annoying, can really pop in your listing photos.

For more details on how to prepare your home for sale this spring or summer, contact my office today. I help all of those in 55+ communities, Mesa, Gilbert, Chandler and Surrounding areas.