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Winterizing “To Do” List for Your Arizona HomeWhen you live in Arizona, the thought of winter doesn’t always come with snow and ice, however, living in the desert doesn’t mean you always have sunny hot weather in the desert, but in fact, quite the opposite! Calling the desert home means that in winter months you’ll start seeing cooler temperatures. While it may seem as if winter is far off with the sun still shining bright and temperatures nearing triple digits, now is the time to start winterizing your home so you don’t fall behind!

Winterizing Your Home

  1. HVAC System Maintenance: Before winter arrives, schedule a professional HVAC technician to service your heating and cooling system. This check-up will ensure your system runs smoothly, identify potential issues, and make any necessary repairs. By doing this now, you won’t risk your hater not kicking on during that first cold night!
  2. Seal Air Leaks: Don’t let chilly drafts enter your home. Seal any gaps around windows, doors, and other openings with caulk or weather stripping. Replace any worn or damaged seals to keep the cold air out. This is a cheap way to not only keep your home’s temperature controlled, but to also keep your electric bills lower.
  3. Air Filter Replacement: Dirty air filters can reduce your HVAC system’s efficiency. Check and change your air filters regularly, especially during the winter season. This simple maintenance task keeps your system running optimally.
  4. Programmable Thermostat: Save on heating costs by investing in a programmable thermostat. Set it to your desired temperature when you’re home and lower it when you’re away. This way, your home stays warm when you need it most. Many of these thermostats have apps you can install on your phone, allowing you to turn the air on remotely, only heating the home when needed as you head home from an afternoon out vs. entering a cold home and waiting for it to warm up.
  5. Space Heater Consideration: If you have a particularly cool room in your home, consider using a space heater for added warmth. Ensure it’s used safely, away from flammable materials, and follow all safety guidelines.
  6. Heavy Curtains: Keep the cold air at bay by using heavy curtains. Make sure to close them at night to trap the heat inside. This simple trick can significantly improve insulation.
  7. Harness the Sun: Arizona’s sunny days can be a winter blessing. Make the most of natural warmth by opening your curtains during the day to let the sun in. At night, close them to keep the warmth indoors.

By following these winterization steps, you can ensure your Arizona home is ready to handle the colder season, keeping you comfortable and energy-efficient throughout the winter months! If you’re searching for a new home in Arizona, whether a 55+ community, or the perfect home in the suburbs to raise a family, contact our office today and we’d love to help you find the perfect place to call home.