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Upgrading the Floors? Hardwood or Carpet?The most recent and hottest trends in flooring are hard surface floors, but there are still many reasons to lay carpet in your home. Even if you don’t want carpet in every room of your home you might find you prefer the softness and insulation of carpet in some spaces. Today’s carpet choices are more varied and stylish than ever before. Some designers are even bringing carpet back into the style scene. You may be surprised what you find and just how stylish carpet can be.

Here are just a few reasons why carpet can be a stylish and smart decision in your home

Keep the Bedroom Warm on Bare Toes

We can all agree waking up on a chilly day is made less invigorating by the prospect of getting out of bed and stepping onto a cold floor sending a chill to your toes and eventually the rest of your body.

It is not uncommon for many homes to have hard surface flooring downstairs and carpet upstairs. Want to keep a chic and modern feel in your bedroom? Go with a grey tone in a medium pile to keep those bare tootsies happy. Remember the darker the carpet color the more natural light you want flooding in to keep the room from feeling like a cave.

Add Some Inviting Coziness to a Living Room

Nowadays when most people think of a stylish living room they picture hardwood floors. Carpet still has the ability to add wow factor to a living room, especially today’s trending carpet choices of varied piles, textures, and patterns. Embossed finishes add texture and interest to a room making it look luxurious and expensive. You can also check out: How to Keep Your Carpets Clean During the Summer

Soften and Make Stairs Safer

Carpet gives stairs a softer, quieter, and as a result, safer surface. Hard surface stairs can be more slippery and lead to more falls. This makes for a smart choice in homes with children and elderly.

Make a Bold Statement

If you want a room with a lot of excitement and high style choose one with a bold colorful pattern or just a bold solid color. Of course, the best way to make this work without it looking disastrous or too loud is to employ the expertise of a designer. You could also pour yourself over many design magazines, blogs, and books to find inspiration and rooms that have a bold colored or patterned design and imitate them.

Lighten Up a Room

If you have a space that doesn’t get much natural light or you just love the effect of a white and bright space bring in some white or light colored carpet, to breathe life into a room and give it an airy and light feel.

Carpet can do wonders for a home. There are so many choices that it is easy to have a stylish home with carpet. Of course, to keep your carpet looking stylish you will want to give it the best care possible by removing shoes, vacuuming regularly, and having a yearly professional deep cleaning.

If you’re in the market for a new home and have your list of wants and needs sorted, or if you’re in the beginning stages of your buying or selling journey, contact our office today and we’d love to help you!