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With so many people spending much more time in their homes lately, there has been a rise in interest of homeowners to make home improvements either for the purpose of continuing to love to spend more time there or to get it ready to fix up and sell at the highest profit.

No matter your budget there are some great home renovations you can make that will make a huge impact on your home. You can stretch your renovation budget by making some smart choices and make a big impact with a small amount of money. Here are some great home renovation ideas that you can make with $10,000 or less. Which, when it comes to home renovations, is on the frugal side of the budget.Renovate a Mesa Home for Under $10,000

Do simple tasks yourself

The cost of labor to make home improvements is a large portion of the budget when you hire professional help. You could save some money by tackling some of the simpler jobs on your own. For example, you could remove all the tiles before a professional comes in to lay new ones. Do the small and simple projects on your own to make way for the big and complicated ones that need to be tackled by a contractor. This can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs.

Use Salvaged Materials

There are many great places that offer used items that are still in very good quality condition. They were just surrendered to secondhand stores because the previous owner wanted a new style direction. You can find some great secondhand salvage items at stores like Habitat for Humanity Restore to use in your home. One man’s trash really can be another man’s treasure. Just make sure to consult with your contractor to know that it will work and function in your space without too much installation headache or incurring a large cost for a custom fix to install it.

Try bamboo flooring instead of hardwood

If you have always dreamed of beautiful hard surface floors that will last your lifetime you have probably decided to install hardwood floors in your home your home. Hardwood floors can be very pricey, but there are some other alternatives that look just as good. For example, bamboo flooring can be a very nice alternative to more expensive hardwood. In some cases bamboo can save you as much as four dollars per square foot.

Opt for ceramic tile instead of stone tile

Natural stone is gorgeous, but there are some ceramic tiles available on the market today that you would think was actual stone tile. The great thing about these ceramic tile choices is that they cost about half as much as their stone counterparts.

Purchase cabinets directly from a manufacturer

Instead of buying cabinets from a major retail store you can bypass the mark up by purchasing cabinets directly from the cabinet maker. You can save about 1/3 of the total cost of your cabinets by cutting out the middleman.

Choose solid surface counters over stone

Stone countertops are popular and said to last for a lifetime, but they are expensive and do require yearly refinishing to keep them in their top condition. There are several great manufactured solid surface counters that rival stone with a much lesser price tag. Another perk is that they are much easier to take care of as they are not porous surfaces that require special cleaning efforts and yearly cleaning and sealing by professionals.

Stick with the same floor plan/layout

This can save you thousands of dollars especially in areas where there are plumbing fixtures like the kitchen or the bathroom. Keeping the same plumbing configuration is a much more budget friendly way to go as opposed to completely changing the layout and having to rework the plumbing. Plumbing can be a very costly venture in a home renovation.

Use your renovation as a way to save on your mortgage

Homeowners that pay mortgage insurance due to a low amount of equity on the property can boost the value of their home with simple remodeling projects which in turn grows equity and can allow them to drop this insurance saving a couple hundred dollars a month on their monthly mortgage payment.

No matter your renovation project, there’s always a way to do it smartly and save some money. Just make sure to always seek the advice of professionals along the way, especially if you have no prior home renovation experience.

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