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Pros & Cons Of Sliding Barn DoorsAs with all trends, one that is sweeping the market is barn doors. In today’s modern era, homeowners are increasingly captivated by a wide array of trendy features that enhance the aesthetics and functionality of their homes. Among these popular choices are the alluring fire pits, charming farmhouse sinks, captivating tram tile, and the rustic appeal of barn-style doors. However, it is the internal barn doors that truly stand out, offering a unique blend of practicality and fascination to any floor plan.

Much like their exterior counterparts, internal barn doors provide valuable space-saving benefits when necessary, while simultaneously introducing an intriguing element to the overall design scheme. These doors evoke a profound sense of nostalgia, transporting us back to a simpler time when barns and their distinctive doors were a ubiquitous sight in rural landscapes. By incorporating internal barn doors into our living spaces, we pay homage to this bygone era while infusing our homes with an unmistakable touch of character.

Pros and Cons Of Sliding Barn Doors

Installing internal barn doors does require freeing up wall space on both sides of the opening, effectively doubling the length of required wall space. However, those walls cannot accommodate picture frames or light switches. Internal barn doors work best in more open home areas, where these limitations can be accommodated. Below are the pros and cons of sliding internal barn doors:

Pros of Sliding Internal Barn Doors:

  1. Space-Saving Design: Sliding internal barn doors eliminate the need for swing space, making them ideal for smaller homes. They maximize the usable space, particularly in apartments and minimalist houses.
  2. Unique Aesthetic: Sliding internal barn doors have a rugged yet stylish appeal that remains popular. They bring a touch of modernity to dated spaces, making them a favored choice among house flippers seeking to update their properties.

Cons of Sliding Internal Barn Doors:

  1. Slide-Path Limitations: Despite their space-saving design, the slideway (where the door hangs when not in use) must be clear of light switches and electrical outlets. Wall decorations cannot be present along the sliding path.
  2. Security Concerns: While doors typically provide privacy, wall-mounted internal barn doors offer less soundproofing due to a slight gap between the door jamb and the door itself. Conversations held in closed rooms may not be as private or sound-isolated.
  3. Potential Dated Look: While internal barn doors are currently trendy and fashionable, there is a possibility that they may become outdated in the future, similar to wood paneling and shag carpets. However, the timeless or dated nature of interior design trends cannot be guaranteed.

It’s important to consider these pros and cons when deciding whether sliding internal barn doors are the right choice for your home.

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