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If the word “wallpaper” conjures images of tiny pastel flowers covering your grandmother’s bedroom or dining-room walls, think again.Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

In 2020, wallpaper in many colors and materials has become a decorative accent in any room in a home. Trends for today’s wallpaper patterns range from traditional florals to realistic and abstract botanicals to bold geometrics. Some wallpaper is digitally printed. As an art form, wallpaper murals can add a dramatic effect to a feature wall or an entire room.

A common wallpaper choice is liner paper made of paper or fiberglass which serves as a basic wall covering and can be a base for printed wallpaper. Liner paper can be painted. Other wallpaper materials include vinyl, foil, grasscloth, straw, wicker, and cork. Eye-catching wallpaper patterns can be luminous, flocked, flashy, and textured. Brickwork designs in wallpaper have gained popularity as a decorator touch in any room in a home.

Homeowners may be surprised to discover the durability of quality wallpaper is 15 years or more– three times longer than paint! However, because of the cost of the materials—including the rolls themselves and supplies such as rollers and adhesives—wallpapering is more expensive than painting. Traditional wallpapering requires adhesive and is difficult to remove. However, although they are not as durable as those applied with adhesives, peel-and-stick selections also are available. They can be removed just as easily as they are applied.

Is Wallpaper Making a Comeback?

When deciding how to use wallpaper to enhance a room, there is a “school of thought” the wallpaper should cover the entire room to impart a finished look. However, a wallpapered “feature wall” with a distinctive pattern or design can add flare to a room’s ambiance.

After deciding which wallpaper to use, it is a good idea to buy one roll. Then, pin it up to the surface it will decorate. Leave it up long enough to see how it looks in the morning, mid-day, and evening light to decide if it is, indeed, the right choice for a wall.

Wallpaper can enhance the mood of a room; with so many choices of designs, patterns, and textures today, it can make a statement that is unmistakable “you.”

If you’re considering selling your Mesa Arizona home wallpaper may not be a bad option just don’t go overboard. If you are questioning a renovation talk with a qualified real estate agent in our area. I can offer tips and suggestions on what buyers are really looking for and offer tips and ideas to add true value to your home renovation projects.

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