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Want to Impress Buyers? Take These Inexpensive Upgrades That Look Like You Spent a Lot

There are a few ways you can make your home look like $1 million without actually spending $1 million. While these are not super cheap ideas, they can add a wealth of value to your home for not nearly as much is you’ll pay for them. Here are some great inexpensive upgrades and renovations you can do to your home without spending a lot.

Knock out a wall around the fireplace.

If you have a wall separating one room from another and there is a fireplace in between, consider making the fireplace a freestanding element in the room and open the rooms up for an open concept design. You might even consider stripping the fireplace back to reveal exposed brickwork creating a unique centerpiece for the room.

Added skylights.

If you have a room that just doesn’t get enough light or is dark and gloomy, consider adding skylights or solar tubes to bring freshness and natural light to the room.

Inexpensive Upgrades That Look Like You Spent a Lot

New carpet and new paint.

If you have an outdated living room with an old brick fireplace, shad carpet, and wood paneling, consider turning everything into a light and bright space by painting the fireplace white, paneling white or off-white, and changing out the flooring to either laminate or a lighter carpet.

Convert a dusty attic space into another room.

If you want to utilize all the space you have in your house consider converting your attic to a smart and chic guest suite. This may require you to lift the roof, which is not an inexpensive project, but if you don’t have to do that and you don’t mind dealing with low ceilings, this can make a beautiful addition to any house.

Inexpensive Upgrades That Look Like You Spent a Lot

Convert a drab backyard.

Creating a patio that is light and airy with composite decking, would trellises, offense, and a shabby chic overhang can really bring life to the backyard.

Convert an old garage.

If you have an old garage that you’re just not using consider transforming it into a usable space with a cozy sitting room.

Tile your bathroom.

Modern subway tiles are extremely inexpensive yet can work wonders on a drab and outdated bathroom.

Inexpensive Upgrades That Look Like You Spent a Lot

Convert an outdoor shed.

If you have a lean to that just isn’t working as hard as you’d like it to be, convert it to a beautiful greenhouse space, laundry room, or sitting area.

There are dozens of ways to upgrade your home and although these are not super inexpensive, they definitely add tons of value to your home.

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