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How to Keep Bees and Wasps Out of Your Pool

Bees hanging around the pool does not make for a fun time. Someone is playing an active and they unknowingly make a bee feel threatened and then they sting. It can put an end to your fun day in the water.

Bees like to hang out around swimming pools because to them it is like a giant watering hole. Where there are several bees it is not uncommon to find a wasp or too as well. The first instinct, especially if someone has been stung, is to destroy the bees. They can be great helpers in your backyard environment if you show them an even better place to get water from than the swimming pool.

Here Are Some Tips for Keeping Bees Away from the Pool.

There are several options to relocating bees from hanging around your pool including:

Providing an Alternate Water Source

Bees are most likely buzzing around the pool because they are thirsty and desperate for a drink. If they have another water source they may just leave the pool alone. Setting up another place for the bees to drink from can be something as simple as a deep dish or pan. Other ideas include a birdbath or if you have always wanted to put in a water feature like a pond or fountain this is a good reason. Just make sure the water feature is always full of water, that it doesn’t completely evaporate.

Pro Tip: Set up this other water source a few weeks before opening the pool for the season and the bees will be accustom to using the other water source and much less likely to hang around the pool.

Dryer Sheets

This seems to work for some people, it never hurts to try it. Arrange several dryer sheets around the pool (floral-scented ones are probably the best) in decorative containers or baskets. They are supposed to attract the bees and keep them from the pool.

Ask a Beekeeper

If your pool has become a hangout for a swarm of bees on a regular basis it could be that you have a hive in your yard. The best thing to do in this scenario is call in a local beekeeper. The beekeeper can usually safely relocate the hive and the bees who call it home to a better place.

Keeping the Wasps Away

Wasps are a bit more aggressive and slightly harder to get rid of then a bumblebee. Here are some ways to get rid of those intimidating pests.

Decoy Wasps Nests

Wasps are lone rangers. They like to be by themselves, they are territorial and do not appreciate another wasp encroaching on their space bubble. This can work easily to your advantage. Sometimes purchasing a fake wasp’s nest or two and hanging them around the yard to keep wasps from building nests will cause a wasp to believe the yard is already occupied and they will move on to unclaimed territory.

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Raw Meat

Wasps love raw meat. If you have ever had an outdoor barbeque you may have noticed it seems to attract them. If you are going to be out in the pool for a long time you can try deterring wasps away from the pool by placing a small piece of raw meat on the opposite end of the yard in hopes to attract them and keep them busy.

Call the Pros

If you would like wasps gone sooner rather than later and you have a problem of more than one hanging around the yard and the pool it is probably best to call in a professional pest management company.

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