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Creating an Entry Space in a Home or Room Without One

Creating an Entry Space in a Home or Room Without One – There are several homes that have a main entrance door that leads directly into a room of the home, most often the front room or main living room. This leaves the home without a defined area for an entry. Some of these homes don’t even offer a small closet in which to hang a hat.

How Can You Create and Make an Entry Space Where There Isn’t One?

Here are three clever design tricks to help you do just that.

Create and Define an Area of the Room

If your door opens up directly into a square space, you may be able to utilize an area of the wall next to the door and create your own defined entry area. Much in the same way utilizing and setting up furniture can create defined zones in the room.

You can hang a series of hooks on the wall and place a bench underneath that allows for basket storage. This allows members of the home to sit and put shoes on and a place to store them away when they are not wearing them.

Use a Recessed Nook or Create a Built-in Area of Cabinets in a Kitchen

If the door you utilize the most opens up to the kitchen, you could create a stylish customized cabinet/storage bench combination that blends in seamlessly with the other cabinets in the kitchen. It will feel like this coat and shoe storage area always belonged in the kitchen, to begin with.

You can hire a local cabinet builder to create this piece for you, or if you are feeling creative and adventurous you can build it yourself, or use an old piece of cabinetry that you makeover just for this purpose. You can paint or stain it the same color as your existing kitchen cabinets to help it feel like part of the kitchen.

Make Use of a Hall Tree

Simply purchasing a hall tree could be an easy and simple solution to create a bit of entry space in your home. A hall tree is a piece of ready-made furniture that consists of a large flat panel with a system of hooks or a hanging rail at the top of a bench with storage or just storage bins at the bottom. It is like the upgraded version of the coat rack.

Purchasing a hall tree immediately gives you a designated area to drop off shoes and coats, and maybe a few bags and backpacks when everyone comes in the door. It is a super simple way to create storage for these items so they don’t end up in a pile on the floor because you have no closet space.

With a little bit of creativity, there are several ways to create storage for items that are much needed and often used without them becoming messy and cumbersome because there is not a place to put them when everyone gets home. You may find you like your newly created space much more than an actual mudroom or designated entry.

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