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10 Common Home Improvements That May LOWER Your Home’s Value –

The last thing we want to do is devalue our home, especially when we think we are improving it. But there are some common home renovations that homeowners dues that can actually have a negative impact on their value. If you’re planning on selling or just don’t want to devalue your home, check out these top home ‘renovations or home improvements’ that may have the opposite effect.

Common Home 'Improvements' That May LOWER Your Home's Value

#1. Too fancy of fixtures.

Dramatic touches can add to your home’s decor but too fancy and you’ll deter buyers. If the light fixtures don’t match the style of the home it can be a huge turnoff.

#2. Wallpaper.

Yes, I too thought we were out of the wallpaper era but apparently, it’s back. However, if buyers can’t see your vision, the room will just look messy and loud rather than neutral and inviting. You want to leave rooms and walls so that people can see themselves and their own personality in a room, rather than reminiscent dreams of the 1970s.

#3. Unique tile.

Yes, that Chevron style of different colored woods and stains might look amazing to you, but new buyers just don’t see your vision. It’s best to keep things simple and to crazy and creative might just have the adverse effect.

#4. Carpeting.

What!? But, I thought carpeting was supposed to be good? Maybe, but did you know that 54% of homebuyers are willing to pay more for hardwood floors instead of carpeting? But that sink in.

#5. Bold Colors.

Accent pillows and a bright red throw rug might be ideal but painting entire walls bright, neon green or your kid’s room hot pink is just going to turn away buyers. Keep things simple and keep the bold colors to accent pieces.

#6. Don’t spend too much in the kitchen.

An average kitchen remodel can be more than $50,000 but the resale value in return is only $38,000. Try to avoid spending so much on a project that will cost you in the end.

#7. Converting bedrooms into home offices.

Yes, nearly everyone loves having a home office but if you convert that home office from a usable bedroom, it can knock about 10% off of the home’s value.

#8. Combining rooms.

You might have a bigger master bedroom but now your four bedroom home is reduced to three, which can greatly affect your home’s value even though the master suite might be amazingly huge. Combine rooms at her discretion.

#9. Adding a sunroom.

In Mesa Arizona a sunroom is one of the most unique and valuable additions onto a home but believe it or not, there some of the worst renovations to make when it comes to a return on your investment.

#10. Garage conversions.

If you’re considering renovating your garage into an additional room of the house think again. Many buyers actually want to park in their garages so eliminating that option can really be a detriment to your home’s value.

Be very careful when it comes to home improvement and renovation projects if you’re considering selling your Mesa Arizona home. If you are questioning a renovation talk with a qualified real estate agent in our area. I can offer tips and suggestions on what buyers are really looking for and offer tips and ideas to add true value to your home renovation projects.

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