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Cat Architecture – I have a secret. I am also an architect and a cat lover. I see all kinds of accommodations made for pets in my travels around Mesa Arizona. Cats get the most inventive features added to their houses. Yes, THEIR houses…..

They say dogs are man’s best friend. I am not so sure. I have found several homes designed entirely to accommodate the cats in the house. Try as hard as I can….. I find no such thing for dogs. I find features in the house for the dog…like doggy showers or food storage areas…or perhaps a spot for a dog bed. I find elaborate dog houses….but separate structures to the ‘main’ house. So it seems to me the cat is running the show……here are some examples of homes designed for the cat.


Cat-friendly house in Japan – 

phoenix cat lady

4 homes designed for cats

The first home shown in this article is here in Phoenix Arizona. Cat Architecture


Myfavorite ‘cat house’ is a home in San Diego, CA. I love their use of color.

the cats house

Cat House


An unidentified man from Goleta, California decided his home belonged as much to his 18 cats as it did to himself, so he spent $35,000 to make it more feline-friendly.

cat in santa barbara

Cats in Goletta CA


If you need help finding a home for you and your cat….. contact:

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