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We are getting closer and closer to springtime. Can you believe it? For most, the spring is prime time for gardening but it takes a lot of preparation and if you wait until the spring, you may be behind. Backyard gardens have become increasingly popular and if you don’t plan, you might miss a wonderful harvesting season. So, let’s look at some of the best steps you can take now to prepare your spring garden.

Best Steps In Preparing For Your Spring GardenBest Steps In Preparing For Your Spring Garden

Purchase & Organize Seeds

When you know where you are going to plant and whether or not you have sun or shade, then it is time to select your seeds. A majority of gardeners are buying all of their seeds online, including heirloom seeds. You can purchase locally or from other gardeners too.  Selecting seeds has a lot to do with the climate where you live and what you desire to grow too. Pay attention to the seeds of your plant and always check that they are healthy before you use them.

Planting Calendar

To grow a successful garden you need to be on top of your organization. You want to be able to remember what you planted and when so that you can care for it properly and harvest it at the right time. This can be as simple as using a notebook or calendar.

Sow Long-Season Seeds

Starting your plants potted and indoors will be an efficient way to grow more in your garden especially if you have shorter and colder summers. You can do this by using just about any material that will create a biodegradable seedling pot. When it is time to transplant your budding seedlings, you will want to make sure the soil is warm enough. A lot of your rot vegetables are great seeds to get started on this with. They are hearty and grow well for most first-time gardeners.

Collecting Rainwater

A successful garden is going to need water. Collecting rainwater and recycling it for your garden is an excellent way to make sure your plants have what they need. If for some reason you have too much moisture you may need to replant and if you have too much direct sun then you may need to create a shade barrier.


Compost can offer your garden some incredible benefits. The health of your soil will greatly improve along with water drainage. Most gardeners add about one inch of compost on top of their soil and plant directly in it. You can compost on your own or you can get it locally. Any kitchen or garden scraps make for great compost. While you are planning for your spring garden, now is the time to consider starting a compost bin.

In Conclusion

Gardening is just one of the many joys a  homeowner can experience from buying their piece of property.

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