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Affordable Ways to Make Your Home Feel Refreshed for Spring

This time of year as the colder weather ends and turns into longer days of warmth and being able to get outside, many people think about refreshing certain areas of their life to go along with a new season full of energy.

If you’re feeling like your home could use a refresh but want to stay within a reasonable budget here are some great ways that you can refresh your home with very little money.

Bring in some plants

Nothing brings life to a room more than actual life. Give a sudden and instant boost and a new sense of energy to any room by bringing in some live plants. If you are not that much of a plant person you could always go to your local nursery and ask for some suggestions on low-maintenance plants. This is why succulents have become so trendy and popular in homes.

Purchase new finish hardware

Simply swapping out some cabinet and drawer pulls or even doorknobs can do a lot to change the style of a space. You might be surprised by the whole new look and feel that a couple of pieces of small hardware can bring. What’s even better is they don’t cost much at all.

Swap out your artwork

The artwork hanging on the walls in every room is like the jewelry to a clothing outfit. It puts that last final touch of style and gives it an elevated sense of sophistication. You can really set the overall tone of a room with its wall hangings. To give your room a new feel without completely overhauling it, you can opt for switching out the artwork.

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Switch up the lighting

Lighting can do a lot to create atmosphere and mood for a room. If a room is dark, it could feel tired, and bringing in more light in stylish and new up-to-date fixtures could be just what an area needs. On the contrary, if a room has too much overpowering light, you can switch it out with some softer lighting to give it a more of a cozy feel.

Restyle bookshelves

You can bring a lot of style into a room by the way you place things on your bookshelves. If you have nothing more than a few books on your shelves, consider stacking them in new and interesting ways such as color coordinating the covers to bring in some artistic interest. You can also grab a few interesting sculptural pieces to add style and a new layer of interest that will have your room feeling brand new.

Change out light switch plates and outlet covers

It may not seem like these small items could do much for a room, but over time they start to get dingy and feel old and tired. Simply switching out yellowed covers for brand new clean ones can do a lot for a room. Of course, you could always choose to upgrade to ones with a little bit more style and interest as well.

Pick out some new paint

It is amazing what a brand-new color can do to make a room feel like a completely different space. If you plan to sell your home before you plan to repaint it, make sure you keep this in mind when you choose your color.

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