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Convenience and comfortability seem to be one of the top things on people’s 2019 design list. As we head into the new year, sellers and homeowners might want to take a couple of minutes to understand what buyers are looking for so you can plan, prepare, and stage your home for a sale in the new year. According to Realtor Magazine, here are seven of the top design trends buyers will be looking for in the new year.

7 Design Trends Buyers Will be Looking for in 2019

#1. Light, open, and airy.

Natural light has been known to boost a person’s health and vitality so naturally, buyers are looking for more natural light. Nobody likes a dark room unless of course, you’re watching a movie. But, you want to make your rooms healthy and light with lots of windows, clean, open concepts, or even an entire wall of glass, which can be a pretty big remodel. But, according to the article, the investment can be huge.

#2. Convenient bathrooms.

I’m not talking about a bathroom in a bedroom or necessarily the location in the house, I’m talking about a convenient bathroom for those who are staying put later in life. Many baby boomers and the elderly are staying put in their aging years so having a bathroom that’s significantly proportionate to a wider space and a convenient maneuverability is key. This could mean adding accessible shower seats, grab bars or zero threshold entries between rooms.

#3. Resiliency and sustainability.

Natural disasters, as we’ve seen across the country, can come with little warning, so developing a house and making the home tornado proof, hurricane proof, wind and storm damage proof, heat and sun proof, is a big deal to many buyers. This might be a huge remodeling chunk but once you have a home that withstands the whether it can actually keep energy costs down quite dramatically. It’s important to get a home audit system of your energy and stability reports by local home inspectors.

#4. Fresh colors.

We’ve seen the great trend over the last five years but many buyers are leaning away from that trend. It’s back to more whites and off-white’s with bright colors, a fresh take on the room, and back to #1 there, with light, bright, and open rooms. Don’t be afraid of stark white as long as you have some pops of color in different places.

#5. Natural materials

Even though white may be making a comeback, we’re still focusing on the warmth of real wood. Prints and florals in natural color tones seem to be a big deal. Butcher block countertops and a mix of warmer natural materials such as wood, leather, and stone can help bring the outside in with an open and comfortable feel.

#6. Affordable tiny houses.

Yes, tiny houses are still on the rise and affordability is in great demand across the entire country. What’s needed is denser land planning and common outdoor spaces with a combination of attached homes and convenient designs. Many of these tiny homes are less than 500 ft.² but provide everything a larger home would without to the square footage. All a small, livable option might be a good investment for buyers and many can pay higher prices for low square footage rentals as well. This is something to keep in mind for you investors out there.

#7. Quality over quantity.

10 to 15 years ago it was definitely quantity over quality, but today, the millennial generation is looking for quality over quantity. It’s not necessarily about keeping up with the neighbors but it’s about making very intentional choices with the money they do have. This offers a good mix of high and low decorations with materials, textiles, and colors. Don’t cram the room with more things the necessary, but instead, find one or two meaningful pieces and make them the focal point of each room.

Thinking about selling your Mesa Arizona home in 2019? Give me a call today because I have some tips you can be taking this week to prepare yourself for a successful sale in 2019.