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Just because you have a small patio or terrace doesn’t mean you can’t be the talk of the community. With a little planning and preparation, you can create a beautiful space you and your family or friends can enjoy.

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#1. Planning

This doesn’t mean wander through the home improvement store with an empty basket and no ideas. This means check out Pinterest, magazines and home improvement shows for ideas. Make a list of what you want and ideas that you love then pare down with what you have.

#2. Research

In addition to planning, save ideas that you love. It could be as simple as a lighting fixture you found, potted plant, or as elaborate as a trellis or pergola.

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#3. Check out professionals.

You may find a landscape architect, interior designer, regular architect, or gardener all offering you professional ideas but it’s important to see what their ideas cost and if they fit into your lifestyle. Using a professional could save you time and money!

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#4. Work your budget.

I say work your budget because that’s different than finding a budget. Your budget may change but you don’t want to go over budget by a lot. Give yourself some price ranges in which to stick to. Take a look at the end of summer sale that retail shops, online, or even big-box stores. You might find something perfect for next year’s outdoor project. Consignment furniture options and thrift stores are also a great place to find outdoor equipment this cheap and makes a great outdoor piece.

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#5. Maintenance.

Remember that once you have this all set up you’ll have to take care of it so find a design that you are willing to put in some maintenance on. If you want minimal maintenance, concrete, rocks, and furniture that wears well with the weather is the best option.

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#6. For small spaces, less is more.

A little trick is to watch the number of legs. I don’t mean people or pets but tables and chairs. Too many legs can make the space feel busy and crowded. L-shaped seating for small spaces is really one of the best options. Having smaller, try legged bistro chairs and tables can also add a beautiful touch without a small space looking busy.

7 Design Tips for Small Patio and Balconies

#7. Keep it clean.

Sometimes the best way to present an area is to keep it clean and clear. Cluttering up a place, even a patio with too many pots, plants, and hanging apparatuses can make the area feel dirty. Wiping down furniture, keeping weeds at bay, and grouping items together in groups of threes will make the space feel cleaner and tidier.

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