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Due to the pandemic, we all spent more time at home than we expected to. Because of the long hours in our homes, many Americans looking to purchase a new home have new must-have items on their lists. One of those items is a personal outdoor space. 5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Here is how you can showcase your home’s outdoor space by creating an outdoor living area.  

Start From Inside  

Outdoor spaces are more noticeable  and inviting when the inside of your home welcomes and draws the eye to your outdoor space. Let your outdoor living area feel like an extension of the home instead of a separate, discombobulated afterthought. Open up blinds and curtains that give a view of the outdoor space. Have the materials on the outdoor furniture work with the indoor furnishings. Use similar colors, patterns, and materials both in the room next to the door and the outside space.  

Cozy Sitting Areas  

Offer a variety and plenty of places for everyone to sit, relax, and want to hang out. Set up two or more different areas. Put up a table for someone to enjoy a cold glass of lemonade or morning cup of coffee. Offer a cozy chair/sofa configuration, or place some seats around a firepit/place. Don’t forget about umbrellas to keep things shady and comfortable on hot days.  

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5 Tips for Creating an Outdoor Living SpaceSoften Things Up 

Now that the basics are set up, it’s time to give attention to decorative details to make the space feel warm and homey. Bring in an outdoor rug, grab some decorative pillows made of outdoor fabrics, hang some string lights, consider putting candles (citronella are a smart choice they do double duty as décor and bug repellers.) on the tabletops or some small potted plants.  

Don’t Forget to Landscape 

No one wants to hang out in a yard that is unkept, its like hanging out in someone’s messy rooms. Maybe the person who owns the room would be comfortable there, but no one else would. Make sure to stay on top of the weeding, trim the grass, and then groom any shrubbery. As an added bonus add pops of color with some flowers. A super-easy way to incorporate flowers and color is with pretty planters around the edges of the furniture or “room.”  Read More: How about a wildflower yard?

If you are creating your outdoor living room on a patio, balcony, or deck without a yard around it go for a living wall planter full of succulents to make the space feel lush and green and like you are getting away from the confines of being stuck inside.  

Bring Out the Games as a Finishing Touch 

Really help sell the idea that this is a space someone can hang out and enjoy by strategically placing a lawn game set just within eyesight on the edge of the lawn right next to your newly made cozy space.  

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