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selling your home

So tou want to sell your home.  You always want to make a good first impression on potential buyers.  You don’t need to spend a lot to do that….but you need to put in the effort.

Clean and declutter. 

staging kitchen before

This is not the way to sell your home!

This is so basic.  Put away all the family photos and chachki‘s.  When you are selling your home– less is more.  Move out some furniture out to the garage.  Clear the decks, all surfaces should be clean and clear of stuff.  Clean everything.  Honestly the house should look like a model home that no one lives in.  This is hard to maintain when you live in a home but it is essential.

Fix your driveway.

ugly house

This will make a bad first impression…people will drive on by.

Curb appeal is especially important when it comes to selling your home, and your driveway is included. Cracked, chipped, stained, grass growing in cracks….all bad.  A cracked or chipped driveway can be unappealing to the eye, and luckily it’s an easy and cheap fix. You can easily fix asphalt driveways on your own by using an asphalt slurry seal. This is designed to fix cracks and also keep the asphalt intact for longer periods of time. If you have concrete, you can repair these cracks on your own too by patching it. Having an attractive driveway will boost curb appeal and make your home more attractive to potential buyers.


Add some new paint.

ugly  paint

People like move in ready.  You may love your purple walls….but most people won’t.

Painting the interior of your home is another great and cheap thing to do when you are selling your home. Most buyers aren’t looking for projects, and even though painting isn’t that tough, it’s still something some homeowners don’t want to do. You can make your home more attractive to potential buyers by repainting your house in neutral tones. This way the paint will match any buyer’s taste or style, and it will be one less thing they have to do when they move in. Plus, a new coat of paint can help make your home look updated, which can increase the retail value.


Add new hardware to cabinets and doors.


If you have older handles or doorknobs throughout your home (think gold), you’ll want to upgrade to something newer. These are quick, cheap, and easy fixes that will make your home look more updated. You don’t even have to be a tool-using professional. As long as you have a screwdriver, you can handle this task on your own, so there’s no need to hire a professional.


Upgrade your light fixtures.

This is a touchy area.  If you love it…take it with you.  Put up an inexpensive neutral fixture.

Light fixtures are one of the few items that stay in your home when you sell, and if you want to make a cheap upgrade,replace dated light fixtures (including ceiling fans) with newer models. Light fixtures are relatively cheap at your local hardware or big box store, and they are something you can install yourself without the help of an electrician. By replacing older light fixtures with something new and neutral, you will help to upgrade your home without spending a small (or large) fortune.