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If this is the year to make your backyard the retreat you’ve always wanted, you’re probably doing a little bit of research to find out the best materials, how to go about it, and planning a budget. If you want a gorgeous backyard that’s perfect for your family and for entertaining, here are 10 steps to creating the backyard oasis you’ve always wanted.

10 Steps to Creating a Backyard Oasis

#1. Focus on privacy.

It’s hard to have a relaxing backyard when all of your neighbors can look directly into your backyard and see what you’re doing. To have a truly relaxing backyard means privacy so consider fences, large planters, hedges, outdoor screens, or tall trees to block the spots where neighbors are most likely to appear in your backyard. Take a look at where you want the space and where people can see into your backyard. Build up along those places to create the ultimate privacy.

#2. Address the pest.

You want to enjoy your backyard not get eaten alive from bugs and creepy crawlers and while it might be impossible to eliminate them all, you can control them by adding citronella candles throughout the space, eliminating any standing or still water which can attract mosquitoes, and hiring a pest control company to spray the yard for other kinds of local bugs.

10 Steps to Creating a Backyard Oasis

#3. Create conversation spaces.

Consider the lifestyle and what you want to do in your backyard. If you want to gather, consider creating several conversation areas on a patio or on the deck. You can place for chairs in a circle, or a sofa and chairs around a fire pit, but make sure there’s enough furniture to encourage and support conversation.

#4. Build a deck or patio.

If your backyard is nothing but grass, rocks, or dirt, you may want to construct a deck or patio to create those conversation spaces. It’s a great investment as well as it can add value to your home if you plan on selling in the future. A deck addition can yield a return of more than 75%.

#5. Create an alfresco dining area.

Around here, we leave our alfresco dining to the spring, fall, and winter months but it’s definitely a nice addition to have your dinner or your lunch or even your morning coffee outside. Add dining tables and chairs and if you have a smaller space, focus on finding a weatherproof bistro set.

10 Steps to Creating a Backyard Oasis

#6. Use weatherproof materials.

While you can upcycle just about anything to be used outside, if you wanted to last you’ll need to choose weatherproof materials. This might include teak, wicker, aluminum, resin, plastic, and metal constructed furniture. They also make pillows and cushions that are ideal for outside.

#7. Add at least one loungey piece of furniture.

Relaxing in your backyard doesn’t mean sitting up straight on a stool but relaxing in a comfortable place. Consider adding a hammock, lounge chair, or weatherproof swing.

#8. Will you be cooking outside?

In addition to your seating area and your dining area, you may also want to cook outside so make sure you consider a place for a built-in grill, standalone grill, or a practical outdoor kitchen set.

10 Steps to Creating a Backyard Oasis

#9. Add outdoor lighting.

To maximize the time you spend outdoors you need to light the patio space. There are plenty of options including string lights along the fence or hanging from trees, tiki torches, candles, outdoor sconces along the fence or solar lights throughout the garden. This definitely will audit and ambiance of privacy and hominess.

#10. Plants and trees.

You’ll want to fill in the spaces with climate-appropriate plants, herbs, and potted plants. Adding a variety of textures, sizes, and colors will create a warm and inviting private area in your backyard.

Perhaps you’re ready to throw up your hands and look for a home that already has all of these things. If so, give me a call today. If you’re looking for the perfect backyard oasis you can either start from scratch, add to what you already have, or find a home that’s got it all.

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