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Home Buyers don’t want….

home buyers dont want it

When you are investing in upgrades to your home it is good to have resale value in mind. What do buyers want?  Are buyers willing to pay for that?

Which home features are losing favor with potential buyers? In a new survey of more than 4,300 house hunters of all ages, the National Association of Home Builders identified the top 12 items they say they don’t want in a new home:

  1. Elevator (63 percentof buyers  say they don’t want one)
  2. Pet washing station (54 percent)
  3. Wine cellar (53 percent)
  4. Golf course (53 percent)
  5. Daycare center in the community (52 percent)
  6. High density — smaller lots and attached or multifamily buildings (46 percent)
  7. Cork flooring on the main level (45 percent)
  8. Dual toilets in master bathroom (44 percent)
  9. Two-story family room (43 percent)
  10. Wet bar (42 percent)
  11. Two-story entry foyer (40 percent)
  12. Laminate countertop (40 percent)

So there you have it.   This helps you know what home buyres don’t want….don’t do it!