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The Importance Of Inspecting A Roof

You can never determine the condition of a roof just by looking at it and getting a visual. Roof repairs or a full roof replacement is a huge cost to a homeowner. This is why it is extremely important to get a roof inspection before purchasing a home. All prospective buyers should have a home inspection that includes a roof inspection or separately schedule a roof inspection so that you are aware of any potential repairs or possible replacement if it is needed. This is important information as you factor in negotiations throughout the home-buying process. Not only is this important in the home buying process, but it is also important as an ongoing homeowner.

How Often Should You Have a Roof Inspection?

An inspection should be scheduled during the escrow process of a home sale or if you suspect any damage or leaking of the roof on your home. If you are unsure, it is great advice to go ahead and get your roof inspected. An inspection will check if there are any broken or missing shingles, divots in the roof, or any heavy debris. Roofing professionals will do a thorough job and give you all the necessary information you need to keep your roof in the best shape possible.

Why Roof Inspections Are Important

You want to know the condition of your roof so you can manage it with maintenance. Having your roof inspected regularly is important because of warranty repairs, weather and aging, routine maintenance damage, storm damage, leak maintenance, and proper drainage.

Warranty Repairs

Any roof can have leaks or repairs needed for many reasons and some may be covered under a roof warranty. A professional roofer will determine whether you should file a warranty claim. If you file a claim either the manufacturer or the contractor will come to your home and determine whether or not the necessary repair is covered under the warranty. As the homeowner, make sure you have all of your documentation ready to go.

Weathering and Aging

It is natural that over time your roof with age and become weathered. This is inevitable as your home sits through all of the seasons year after year. If there is any kind of opening on the roof surface this can lead to water infiltrating. A regular roof inspection will help you maintain these possible issues and prevent further damage.

Routine Maintenance Damage

Any time someone is working on your roof there is the possible damage that can come from this or even if someone is working on a different home system that requires them to go on your roof. Having a leaking roof is not necessarily the first sign of a damaged roof. Larger issues can come about like structural damage in addition to the leaky roof.

Roof inspectors can find different things that will suggest a repair before the potential moisture damage, but an inspection may be worth it so that you do preventative maintenance.

Storm Damage

If you experience any kind of storm, you can expect possible roof damage. Living somewhere that has high winds, hail, and other weather can cause water damage and you may need roof repairs.

Leak Assessment

After any rain, you could experience leaking and this is what triggers roof inspections for most homeowners. A leak could be a small indicator of a much larger more serious problem. There may be rotting wood, corrosion, mold, or wet insulation. Some of these issues could have been developing in your home for a while and the leak is the catalyst that brought it all to your attention. A roof inspector will be able to determine other issues besides a leak.

Proper Drainage

One of the most important parts of your roof is the drainage. If the drainage gutters are not working properly or are clogged then there is a greater chance of water pooling and moisture penetrating the home which can cause leaks. Another potential issue is the debris that can build up and sit against the home which can lead to long-term issues as well. A regular roof inspection will also help prevent long-term roof damage.

In Conclusion

When you are purchasing a home it is vital to know the ins and outs and understand what kind of repairs are needed. You also want to know what to keep an eye on for all of your future home maintenance. For all of these reasons and more, this is why you need to work with a trusted and knowledgeable agent who can help you make sure these types of inspections happen before you finalize your home purchase. For more information on the home buying or selling process, contact me, I would love to help you have a smooth process.


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