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Mulberry entrance


I drive down Signal Butte a lot.  The work at the Mulberry is moving quickly.  It is looking great!  My only complaint is those darn traffic ‘cones’…well not cones but things put in the middle of the road to direct us.  They are too close together and drive me crazy.  I already clipped one and broke my passenger side rear view mirror.  A pricey mistake…but I digress.  the project is coming along very well.

Each day, nearly 100 new people are flocking to the Mulberry website to look for updates, ask questions and sign up on the VIP Interest List. Due to the high demand for this Community we have employed more than 3 times the number of contractors that would normally be involved in creating a community so we can open Mulberry sooner rather than later. Currently we are constructing and planning roads, building models, parks, and the clubhouse as well as installing our special landscaped Mulberry Boulevards. We are also working on a temporary Mulberry Sales Information Center that will be announced next week.

Speaking of Landscaping – We’ve shown you the Date Palm trees that are lining the Boulevards of Mulberry, but haven’t yet been able to show you just how lush they will look and feel – Below is a photo of our vision of the Mulberry Boulevards. Date Palms and shade trees alternating along the streets combined with lush shrubs and green grass will make Mulberry a community you haven’t experienced before in Arizona. Mulberry will be “Green” and we have created the perfect balance of Color and Conservation in our vision – we look forward to bringing you more information on this subject in the near future!